Is Addiction a Chronic Disease

The short answer is yes!

One easy way to understand why addiction is classified as a disease is the way that substance use alters how the brain responds to situations and these changes are long-lasting even after the drug use has stopped. A chronic disease is a life-long condition that can be maintained but not cured.

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Co-Occurring Disorders

Depression and addiction are like the best buddies you’ll ever meet. Any medical study you look at will tell you the same thing – one will often directly trigger the other.

Once co-occurring depression and addiction have both been diagnosed, the only way forward for the sufferer is Integrated Treatment, an individualized approach that seeks to address both the depression and the SUD at the same time.

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20 Ways to Get Someone into Rehab

One of the worst feelings is knowing someone you love is in pain and hurting but not being able to assist them while they suffer.

However, you don’t have to sit back idle if your loved one is suffering from substance use. You can become empowered and help them achieve life-long sobriety!

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What Makes Us Different

The path to addiction treatment isn't a straight line. Finding the best rehabilitation center and information can be overwhelming. So many websites are created to funnel patients to less than ideal locations for profit.

Addiction Rehab Info believes that all people from all backgrounds deserve access to treatment in a respectful manner that honors the challenges they may face in recovery. We are dedicated to supporting individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction on their journey to recovery by providing current information.

We have designed and created our website to help pull out the correct and positive treatment centers without any endorsements. Our goal is to remain impartial and provide only the best information to help you make the most informed choice for you and your family.

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Finding addiction treatment and information shouldn't be hard. Our resources aim to help you find the information you need to a path towards recovery.