Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Virginia

There is a sad reality that addiction has long been a part of American history. The good news is that there has also been great progress when it comes to understanding and managing addiction. Today, there is greater awareness from the public so the stigma is breaking down. People with substance abuse and addiction problems don’t feel as alone or ashamed as they were in the past. We know that addiction is an illness and not something to do with the weakness of a human being. 

There are many aspects to addiction and why it forms with each person being different. The therapy available today offers help to people from all walks of life. There are various programs with different costs and quality of treatment. It wasn’t long ago that these sorts of benefits simply weren’t available. While there has always been drug and alcohol problems, the latest problem was the worst the US has ever seen. It affected all states, including Virginia. One would think it was an illicit drug that caused millions of Americans to fall into addiction. It wasn’t. It was legal pharmaceutical drugs. Perhaps it was the accessibility or maybe it was because patients were caught off guard. Nobody ever warns you that the drugs you get from your doctor could completely destroy your life. However, this is exactly what happened.

In 1999, pharmaceutical companies received approval for pain management medications they were looking to manufacture and distribute. The medication included a small dose of opioids, which blocks opioid receptors in the brain. This blocks out the pain that a person might experience after an accident or surgery. Many Americans lived in areas where there wasn’t a full spectrum of pain recovery services. When you get hurt, you should not only have pain medication but also a means to rehabilitate the injury. Instead, doctors would just continue to prescribe the medication for patients so they could work and attend to their responsibilities in life. 

To add to things, doctors were getting incentives for prescribing a pharmaceutical company’s brand. The companies would do things like offer physicians all inclusive trips or even pay them cash in some cases. They told them the drugs had a low risk of addiction. Unfortunately, this was far from true. If a patient took as directed for a short amount of time, there would be a low risk of addiction but this was vastly mismanaged. Many patients would stay on their prescriptions for a long period of time. Their bodies and minds became dependent on the opioids. Due to the nature of an opioid, when a patient reduced doses, they would feel the pain in the area they had been avoiding. It would seem to the patient that the only logical thing would be to have more of the medication. Doctors continued to prescribe and patients developed an addiction. 

This went on for a decade and eventually, the government stepped in and put a stop to overprescribing of opioid medications. They set new restrictions in place that made it much more difficult to get the drugs. It was all but too late as so many Americans were already hooked. There was very little support for those who had developed dependency and addiction. Some people seeked out their medications on the streets while others would turn to heroin. Heroin is also an opioid, it just happens to be a lot more potent and much more addictive. All of a sudden, average citizens with families and jobs had fallen victim to drugs that were once reserved for those who had hit rock bottom. 

Things got even worse when fentanyl started being laced with street drugs. This opioid is 100 times more potent than morphine. Even being near the drug could depress the nervous system enough to kill you. When someone injests fentanyl, it often leads to immediate overdose. A lot of people died. This is the point where the government stepped in to make more changes. They began to fund studies to understand addiction further. They made it possible for all US citizens to get help with their addiction. The treatment is better than it’s ever been and there’s so much support for anyone suffering from addiction. 

Addiction therapy comes in many ways now. You can enter an inpatient rehabilitation program where you stay at a residence and go through intensive therapy daily. There are also outpatient programs of all types. They will vary in their intensity but are very reasonable in price. The problem is they don’t always give you enough support or structure. This is where an intensive outpatient program (IOP) comes in. It is a mixture of both programs where you can still stay at home but you spend more time in meetings that involve therapy, education on addiction, and support services. 

Any program should begin with detox. This is the process of abstinence where the substance leaves the body. This can come with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable and make relapse a hazard. When you get professional help with the detox process, you have constant support. There are medications that can help you safely and comfortably withdraw. Your vitals are constantly monitored and because you’re in a clinical setting, you’re unable to relapse. This is a very vulnerable time in the recovery process and it’s highly recommended that you get help.

When you’ve successfully got the substance out of your body and stabilize, you can then start going through rehabilitation with a clear mind. This is where you go through things like talk therapy and learn the reasons behind why you developed an addiction. There are many aspects to rehabilitation that help someone get past addiction. When rehab is over, you’ll still have ongoing support. The treatment center will give you resources so you never have to feel alone in your struggles. They may also include family therapy so when you go home, the dynamic is different and there is a greater understanding from your loved ones. Support from those closest to you is an important part to your recovery. Group therapy meetings are recommended and these are available in every area around Virginia. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Treatment gives you a way better chance of recovering successfully. Studies have found that you can be up to 60% more likely to experience long term recovery when you go through a treatment program. If you try to recover on your own, your resources are limited. Even if you look to attend 12-step meetings, the people aren’t equipped to give you the help you need. There are some steps you need to take before this. You are far more likely to relapse when you detox from home. This is what causes most overdoses. Days of abstinence followed by a relapse. 

You will gain the necessary tools you need to feel good about your decision to stop abusing substances. In rehabilitation, they will start with therapy while incorporating activities that replace negative behaviors with positive ones. You become part of a caring community that will listen to you. You also get to listen to others, which can make you feel much less alone in your journey. Knowing that others have suffered as you have is a deeply healing experience and brings you closer to others instead of feeling isolated. 

Therapy is going to allow you to come to terms with emotions that may have contributed to your addiction. You will begin to heal your mind, body, and soul in a safe, loving environment. Treatment is designed to guide you through a process with proven methods that aid you in a successful recovery. It may be that you leave rehabilitation feeling better about yourself than you have your whole life. 

Treatment programs are often individualized so if you need more time or different methods to help you, they can determine this. It is highly effective, giving you all the tools you need to succeed. Treatment has greatly improved over the years and for those willing to do the work, it is a highly rewarding experience that transforms you and your life. 

Addiction Treatment in Virginia

According to NIDA, there were nearly 1,200 overdose deaths due to opioids in 2018 alone. Apparently Virginia was the highest state when it came to overdoses due to opioids. They’ve found that the cause of the opioid epidemic in West Virginia was largely due to sociocultural factors, a collapsing economy, lack of essential education, and a high rate of the prescribing of opioid medications. This all contributed to the major problems this state faced.

Alcohol abuse and addiction is also an issue with nearly 500,000 residents of Virginia with alcohol abuse or dependency issues. Marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine are also abused with nearly 200,000 people who have experienced dependency on one or more of these drugs. 

Despite Virginia’s problems with abuse and addiction of substances, there is equal measures of support. There are various treatment programs that can help people from all walks of life. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Some people find it beneficial to get away from their daily lives to seek out treatment. When you have the chance to go somewhere completely new, you leave behind much of the pain and memory that is attached to your addiction. While it’s not forever, it allows you to get some perspective back into your life. There might be a treatment program that you believe will suit you perfectly. Even if it’s not in your area or even in your state, consider traveling. You avoid triggers from your day to day life and have the opportunity to focus solely on your recovery. It could just be one of the best choices you’ll make. 

Treatment Centers in Virginia

1. Sagebrush Treatment Center

7921 Jones Branch Drive, 

Suite 400, 

McLean, VA

Sagebrush offers many different programs with services all over Virginia. There is residential, outpatient, IOP, and family programs. Since 2009, they have been helping people in Northern Virginia with premier treatment. They offer dual-diagnosis, which is a more intensive approach for those with co-occurring disorders. They specialize in all types of substance addiction with a methodology of treating the mind, body, and soul. Their environment is holistic by nature.

2. Pinnacle Treatment Centers

11720 Main St. Suite 108

Fredericksburg, VA

Pinnacle Treatment Centers are all over the US with service in Virginia. Levels of care include, Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP), Office-Based Opiate Treatment (OBOT), Office-Based Other Treatment (e.g., Vivitrol), and Alumni Aftercare Group/Meetings. They offer individualized treatment based on their clinical assessment. This is particularly focused on those with opioid use disorders.

3. Williamsville Wellness

10515 Cabaniss Ln, 

Hanover, VA 

Williamsville Wellness offers a 28 day residential program with individual attention. They offer group therapy sessions, 15+ one-on-one sessions weekly with multidisciplinary staff. They focus on healing all aspects; the mind, body, and soul. They do this with many techniques that help patients identify what their obstacles are in recovery. In therapy sessions, patients can address behaviors, factors that led to addiction, emotional/mental, and family issues.

4. Farley Center

5477 Mooretown Rd, 

Williamsburg, VA 

The Farley Center offers many different services for those going through addiction. They are a drug rehab center that offers evaluation, detox, partial hospitalization, and IOP. They have been helping people for over three decades. They provide affordable, individualized care in a relaxing residential space. You have access to full time, on-site physicians who give you one-on-one care with the support that allows you to heal the body and spirit.

5. Mount Regis Center

125 Knotbreak Rd, 

Salem, VA

Mount Regis Center offers many different programs including residential, detox, inpatient, partial hospitalization program, and IOP. They are a leading inpatient program to help people with addiction and behavioral health concerns. You’re not just another number here. You will work closely with their experienced professionals. You’ll get feedback from them and incorporate insights and preferences into all the treatment-related decisions.

Virginia treatment centers come in all varieties so no matter what your budget or time frame is, there’s something for you. If you are ready to receive help, there are many places you can turn to with high-quality treatments all over the state. Get in touch with any of the centers you are interested in. They can help you with anything insurance-related and get you admitted so you can begin your journey to sobriety.

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