Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Tennessee

Tennessee has had their fair share of addiction problems. American history tells the story of many different drugs creating problems during various eras. The worst seen was most recent, the opioid epidemic. It began in 1999 when pharmaceutical companies got approval from the FDA to manufacture drugs for pain management. The companies said these drugs had a low risk for addiction. They offered doctors incentives to prescribe their brands. This created an unprecedented situation where millions of Americans found themselves in the throes of an addiction they didn’t realize could happen. We used to think addiction only happened to certain people. With the opioid epidemic, average working people with families found themselves addicted to drugs given to them by their doctor.

The mismanagement of these pain medications went on for nearly 10 years. They were supposed to be a short term solution to help people after injury or surgery. Many people were able to stay on the drugs for months or even years without question. When it became evident that something shady was going on, the government stepped in. They made it more difficult to get the prescriptions with new regulations. There was little help or support for the people who had already grown dependent on the drugs however. Some people were able to stop abusing the prescriptions while others would turn to the streets to get their “fix.”

There was a period of time where there were reports of more break ins and a lot of this had to do with people going into medicine cabinets to find prescription opioids. A point came where the government created a prescription return scheme to get these unused drugs out of people’s houses. Criminals were finding the prescriptions during break and enters and selling them on the street for a premium price. Average people were buying them. However, it became apparent that it was cheaper and easier to get heroin so many people started abusing this far more potent opioid. 

By 2017, the issue had worsened. More people than ever were taking heroin and this is the point where fentanyl hit the streets. This opioid is 100 more potent than morphine and it was being mixed in with other street drugs. Anyone that was exposed to the drug was experiencing an overdose and many died instantly. The evidence became clear that America and its people needed help to stop abusing drugs. 

The government began to fund studies that could help people get help for addiction. They also created more support for those with addiction problems. This included ensuring that every person in the US could get addiction treatment no matter what their situation was in life. There are many free programs available in every town and in every state. It doesn’t matter what type of addiction you have either. There is help for anyone today. The treatment has also improved thanks to the amount of research done about addiction and how it affects a person. 

There are different programs to meet the needs of every person’s lifestyle. If you don’t have time to attend a 28-day immersive inpatient program, there are various types of outpatient programs. They offer you more flexibility so you can fit it in with the other responsibilities in your life. 

Any addiction treatment should begin with detox. This is the process of getting the substance our your body. When you stop abusing drugs or alcohol, your body goes through withdrawal because it became dependent on the substance. There are uncomfortable symptoms you can experience. When a person has been abusing substances for a long period of time, it can even be dangerous to quit on their own. This is why detox in a clinical setting is so important. 

Once you’ve completed detox, the body is clean from the drug and you can start the rehabilitation process. You’ll go through therapy to retrain and re-educate the mind while also digging through your emotional wounds. Healing emotionally is really important in the recovery process. One-on-one therapy and group therapy can help you do this. There are also aftercare services like staying in sober living and going to meetings to meet with others going through a similar journey as you. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Putting it simply, addiction treatment is going to give you the best opportunity to recover successfully. Studies show that you’re 60% more likely to enjoy long-term recovery when you get professional treatment. Addiction is complex and it affects your mind, body, and soul. It also affects those around you. Support is necessary and so is healing. In treatment, you will learn many things to help you recover and heal.

Treatment is going to give you the necessary tools to live your day to day life and make it through triggers and cravings. You will go through various forms of therapy that will allow you to open up about your feelings. Day by day, you go through steps that will help you see things more positively. You’ll begin to see that you can change and that you can make your life be whatever you want it to be. 

First, you go through an assessment process. This is going to allow the treatment staff to understand your journey and your needs. Many programs are curated for the individual so you get the best opportunity to recovery.

Today, treatment is the best it’s ever been. The studies that have taken place in recent years have allowed treatment to improve greatly. There are more methods and therapies than ever before with a greater understanding of what someone with an addiction is going through. You will talk with a therapist one on one as well as taking part in group therapy. It’s really important to have this support on a daily basis. You’re always going to have someone to talk to. By the time rehabilitation is complete, you will be clean for many weeks and you will have learned a lot about yourself. Treatment is highly valuable and truly helps you recover from the illness of addiction.

Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

Alcohol is a major problem in Tennessee. Over 60% of patients who have entered state drug treatment programs are due to drug addiction. Breaking it down, 1 in 20 residents had a dependency on alcohol in 2016. There were over 27,000 arrests from people driving under the influence in the same year. 

There was a major problem with prescription opioid addiction also. In the beginning of the epidemic, Tennessee led for a number of people over 26 who abused prescription painkillers. Of the people who admitted to abusing prescription opioids, 70% of them said they got it from a friend or family. There were 4% that got them from dealers while just 17% actually had a prescription personally written to them. There is an effect now from the main part of the opioid epidemic. More babies are being born with opioid withdrawal symptoms every year since 2013.

Despite the problems that Tennessee residents face with addiction, there are many different treatment programs in the state. It doesn’t matter what your financial status is. There is the right program waiting for you.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

You might not have thought about it but traveling somewhere else to get treatment can help you recover even further. Leaving your area and going somewhere completely new could be just the breath of fresh air you’ve been needing. You’ll experience less triggers because you’re not familiar with your surroundings. You get the opportunity to focus solely on your recovery when you’re not near anyone you know. If you decide you will travel for addiction treatment, you will have many more options so you can go to the best treatment center for your needs. Your insurance company may even pay for your travel expenses. It’s best to give them a call and find out if you have a treatment center in mind. Traveling for addiction treatment can be really helpful and definitely something you should consider. 

Treatment Centers in Tennessee

1. Journey Pure

5080 Florence Rd. 

Murfreesboro, TN

Journey Pure alcohol and drug rehab has a stunning campus on over 100 acres. You’ll experience a personalized treatment plan with methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety. They offer family programs and you’ll take part in activities like yoga and kayaking. The team here, including the doctors, are all in recovery. There are masters-level and clinical therapists. They have an excellent staff-to-patient ratio and you’ll have a dedicated Accountability Coach to go to any time you need support. They also offer outpatient therapy that can be done throughout the state as well as virtually. They have even created a phone app that rewards you when you make healthy choices once rehab is complete.

2. Solutions Retreat

5405 Forest Acres Drive

Nashville, TN

Solutions Retreat is a gender-specific program for men over 18. Their treatment is intense and immersive. You’ll stay in their residence and take part in top-rated treatment. They focus on alcoholism and offer one-on-one care. Clients gain all the necessary tools they need to be clean and sober. They will be highly motivated so when the patient checks out, they’ll have a feeling of positivity in the transformation they created.

3. English Mountain Recovery

Residential Inpatient

1096 Alpine Drive

Sevierville, TN

Detox Facility

681 Middle Creek Rd

Sevierville, TN

This inpatient recovery center sits on a 27-acre campus in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. It is a well established treatment center that offers life-changing care. They have a separate facility for detox so when it’s completed, you transition to their rehab center. They also support families of those with addictive disorders. This inpatient facility offers longer programs based on each person’s needs. Their programs are based on 12-step abstinence with programs that are separate for men and women. Their staff are mature, educated, and experienced. 

4. Cornerstone of Recovery

4726 Airport Hwy

Louisville , TN

Cornerstone of Recovery has both Inpatient and outpatient programs. Their facility sits at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. They focus on both substance abuse and mental health issues. Their programs are based on the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual model of treatment as well as the 12 Step Approach. Each program is curated for the individual. Their goal is to allow each patient the opportunity to function as a responsible, productive member of society. They offer medical detox as well as therapies such as CPT, CBT, Family Therapy, Integration Training, Group Therapy and One-On-One Therapy.

5. PAX Memphis Therapy Center

4918 William Arnold Rd,

Memphis, TN

An accredited addiction treatment and primary mental health center. They have been recognized for excellence in patient care. Doctors here are leading experts in the management of addiction. Most staff have at least fifteen years of experience and know very well how to help patients. They create individualized drug treatment plans in their Intensive Outpatient Program. Their program is designed for those who have already gone through their PHP. The program involves three to five group therapy sessions weekly. There is also group counselling available. 

Tennessee offers a variety of addiction recovery programs throughout the state. Many of their campuses give you the opportunity to be close to the mountains and in nature. You have access to any kind of therapy and treatment you can think of. The first step is asking for help. 

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