Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Rhode Island

There has been a history of addiction in the US but this has allowed for advancements in treatment and recovery. Opioids have always been an issue when it comes to addiction. It began with opium in Asia centuries ago. In the US, Bayer manufactured heroin as a cough suppressant in the late 1800’s. Obviously, it quickly became apparent that it was highly addictive and it was scheduled as an illegal drug. Morphine was a problem as well. In 1999, another pharmaceutical company manufactured low dose opioid drugs to help Americans manage pain. They said the risk was low for addiction. However, what nobody considered when making these drugs legal is that there was a risk and people would abuse these drugs.

The medical industry didn’t help matters at the time. Unfortunately, there were bad practices on the part of doctors. Pharmaceutical companies were giving doctors incentives to prescribe their brands. On top of that, there wasn’t a good monitoring system for how long a patient was taking these drugs. If a patient wanted more opioid painkillers medications, they could “doctor shop” to get more. This went on for a decade and by the time the powers that be realized what had happened, there was a lot of damage in all areas of the US. Millions of people were experiencing dependency or addiction on some form of opioid medication. In fact, there were more pills in medicine cabinets than there are people in the US. 

When the government stepped in, they put a stop to prescriptions being so liberally given out. This left many with an addiction and no easy way to get their fix. This led average Americans to looking for opioids on the streets. Sometimes prescription opioids were available but heroin was easier and cheaper to obtain. All of a sudden, there was a dramatic increase of heroin users. To add to the problem, fentanyl started being laced into various street drugs. Over 100 times more potent than morphine, it was causing users and anyone on the scene to overdose. Many times, it would lead to instant death.

The opioid epidemic taught us a lot and in many ways, it improved the treatment of addiction. The government made it mandatory for insurance companies to include addiction coverage in any insurance plan. The public was more educated on the truth about addiction and as such, it’s less stigmatized so people feel more open to ask for help. There are many free programs available now and nobody is turned away from getting the help they need.

Today, there is more funding than ever. A lot of focus was put on research about addiction and how people can recover from it. Regardless of what your life circumstance is, there is help. There are intensive programs and programs with more flexibility. Various methods and modalities are used to make sure patients receive full spectrum treatment.

Any rehabilitation program should begin with detox. This is where you allow the substance to leave the body completely. This can be uncomfortable both emotionally and physically. It’s recommended that you attend professional detox so you can be monitored 24/7. There are holistic and medically assisted methods to help ease discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms. When detox is complete, you’ll move onto the longer process of examining and healing the reasons addiction occurred in the first place. Any past trauma or situations you weren’t able to rectify can be a root cause. Through therapy, people with addictions will heal their mind and souls. This is an important part of the process and shouldn’t be missed. It gives you the strength to maintain your sobriety past detox. 

Why Choose Treatment?

The addiction treatment available today is going to bring you a lot. Trying to stop on your own usually doesn’t work. Maybe you go a few days without abusing the substance but triggers and cravings can quickly cause relapse. When you’re in this cycle, you start to lose hope and fall deeper into the throes of addiction. Treatment offers you more than just detox and therapy, it gives you hope and the necessary support you need to push through and recover.

Scientific research has come a long way and with it, new methods and treatments have been developed specifically for those with addiction problems. There are many aspects behind treatment that serve to target all the reasons behind addiction. You have the opportunity to heal and gain the tools you need to fully recover and thrive in your life. 

For those with an addiction, there is a great need for support. Without it, you feel isolated. With it, you feel motivated. You learn a lot about addiction and how it’s impacted your life. Therapy is a daily occurence in any program whether one-on-one or group therapy sessions. Talking through your feelings and what happened to cause the addiction is a deep healing practice that is necessary for most. 

You go through education as well as relapse prevention tools. This is important for when you go home. Knowledge is power and you’ll gain a lot of knowledge going through therapy. Even when life gets challenging back at home, you’ll have support, resources, and tools to help you get past them. Treatment for addiction is highly transformative.

Addiction Treatment in Rhode Island

There has been a major problem with drug overdose deaths in Rhode Island. Deaths steadily increased during the opioid epidemic and by 2016, drug overdoses were higher than deaths caused by homicide, car accidents, and suicide combine. Drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioids were to blame. There is still a problem with opioids but also other addiction like meth, marijuana, and alcohol. Rhode Island might have it’s fair share of issues surrounding substance addiction but the good news is that there’s also plenty of high-quality help.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

When deciding on what kind of treatment you want, you may want to consider expanding your search. Many people will travel for addiction treatment to find the perfect location and program for them. It’s important that you get what you want out of your time in rehab. Traveling for addiction treatment has a lot of benefits. You get out of your normal day-to-day and leave the old triggers behind while being able to focus solely on your treatment. Getting a breath of fresh air in another area or even another state can be incredibly helpful.

Treatment Centers in Rhode Island

1. AdCare Rhode Island

1950 Tower Hill Rd, 

North Kingstown, RI

AdCare Rhode Island is an inpatient program with 59 beds. Their mission is to provide a transformational recovery experience. They offer a state-of-the-art facility on 30 stunning acres of woodlands. Their campus is conveniently located close to Providence. They are also in close proximity to beaches and offer plenty of spaces to be outdoors. They offer private baths, a fitness center, and basketball courts. You’ll receive one-on-one care here with personalized therapy.

2. Providence Comprehensive Treatment Center

66 Pavilion Ave

Providence, RI

They offer an outpatient program with multiple methods to help you recover. They offer interventions as well with a primary focus on opioid addiction. They have a comprehensive treatment approach that involves experts in the addiction field. This allows patient to address all the facets of addiction and heal. They have medically-assisted therapy through Methadone, Suboxone, and Subutex.

3. Center for Treatment and Recovery

82 Pond St 

Pawtucket, RI

They are a medication assisted therapy center and methadone clinic. For more than a decade, they have been a center for treatment and recovery with the goal of helping patients with addictions to prescription painkillers and heroin. The owners, Wendy M. Looker R.N., B.S. and Madeline Rosario-Almonte have 40 years in the field of addiction. These women offer the safest and most effective care for those with an addiction to opiates.

4. Lifespan Recovery

200 Corliss St

Providence, RI

There are actually multiple branches across Rhode Island with Lifespan Recovery. They have a massive outreach, which means that any help you need is available. They offer help to those with any kind of substance use issue. This can include treatment for mental health issues that are occurring at the same time as substance addiction. They offer a recovery-oriented program that addresses medical and psychosocial needs. You’ll be evaluated and then they offer treatment for your specific needs based on evidence-based treatments. Multiple stages are on offer, meeting each patient where they are. They also put an emphasis on family therapy so the unit can heal together.

5. The Providence Center

528 North Main Street

Providence, RI

This center provides a multitude of addiction services. Their supportive services include mental health, physical health, one-on-one therapy, outpatient services, and Anchor Recovery Services. They have a lot of resources so once you begin the process, they can meet you where you’re at. 

Rhode Island has a handful of addiction facilities that offer a full spectrum of treatments. They are well-connected, offering you everything you need in one spot. With so many problems around opioids, there are many programs that focus solely on this drug addiction. However, there is help for anyone no matter what substance they’re addicted to. 

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