Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania

Addiction is a complex disease that has become more understood in recent years. Even back in the late 1800’s, it became evident that people could become physically, emotionally, and mentally reliant on drugs and alcohol. Heroin was once used as a cough suppressant until people realized it was hard to stop. Associations came together to grade medications, making them legal or illegal. Drugs today have a rating known as a “schedule” that is approved by the FDA for certain illnesses. Even legal drugs can be addictive. When we look to the opioid epidemic, it started with “harmless” prescription medications for pain.

While there have always been issues with addiction in the US, the opioid epidemic was the worst to date. It began in 1999 when pharmaceutical companies introduced various pain killers into the market. It was part of a pain management program introduced by the medical industry. They said it wasn’t addictive when taken as directed. However, prescriptions were mismanaged and people stayed on them for far longer than they should have. Doctors were getting paid by pharmaceutical companies to use their medications. The end result was that millions of people became dependent and even addicted to prescription opioid painkillers.

Eventually, the government stepped in as the problem became more evident. New laws and regulations made it more challenging for patients to get more prescriptions. The problem is that the damage was already done and many people were already physically dependent on the drugs. This led to people purchasing these medications on the streets. Crime increased because people were breaking into homes to rummage through medicine cabinets and selling prescriptions on the streets. Heroin was more available and cheaper. As it’s an opioid too, it gave people the fix they needed. Making matters worse, Fentanyl started to be mixed in with street drugs. This caused a major increase of instant overdoses, usually leading to death. The government realized they needed to do more.

More funding was given for research into addiction and how it could be managed. This was the silver lining of the epidemic. Today, there’s more understanding of addiction. The stigma has decreased and there is more acute treatment to really target the problem in the right way. There are also many programs so no matter what your circumstances, you have help readily available. There are inpatient treatment programs where you stay in a residential setting and go through daily therapy. There is also outpatient programs, which allow you to stay at home. The programs are flexible so you can continue on with your daily obligations while getting help. An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a program where you can stay home while getting similar high-quality treatment to an inpatient program.

It all begins with detox. This is the process of the substance leaving your body through abstinence. It takes up to seven days to go through this. Professional detox is recommended because you have the support you need. Trying to detox on your own usually results in relapse. Detox in a clinical setting will involve holistic or medically-assisted tools. You’re more comfortable throughout detox and it’s a lot safer. Some substances are dangerous to just quit “cold turkey.” Once detox is complete, you’ll move onto rehab where you touch upon psychological reasons for your addiction. When rehab is over, you’ll have access to more support. You will go home with tools and resources to guide you in the continuation of your journey.

Why Choose Treatment?

Treatment gives you a much greater chance of getting past addiction. Through scientific research, experts have found the best methods to help you recover. The reasons behind addiction are physical and psychological and through therapy, you heal these aspects of yourself. Treatment has many facets including therapy, nutrition, exercise, and re-education. There are activities you’ll take part in that help the physical body and your state of mind. They all work to allow you the opportunity to think and live more positively.

When you’re addicted to a substance, you need support. You need to feel motivated and see that there is more of a reward if you choose to change your life. You’ll learn a lot about addiction and yourself through therapy in an environment that nurtures your feelings. Therapy will take place daily, allowing you the opportunity to both talk and listen. You’ll have one-on-one therapy with a therapist as well as group therapy. A lot of healing takes place with these sessions and you’ll always have support.

Relapse prevention is a big part of any treatment program. You learn how to get past cravings and triggers through various tools. When life gets challenging or you have the urge to use substances, you’ll have the knowledge to get past them. You’ll have the understanding that the hard moments will pass and build trust within yourself. Treatment can transform you and this is why it’s so valuable. 

Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents have a fairly high rate of illicit drug use at 7.99%. Marijuana is a major factor within this as well. The issue that’s more disturbing however, is the abuse of alcohol in the state. Recent studies have found that over 60% of residents drink alcohol regularly and nearly 30% of the population binge-drink. It was found that adults in the state drink 2.34 gallons of alcohol per person. There are plenty of treatment options in Pennsylvania with varying price points. There is help for everyone here.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

If you’ve decided you want to go with an inpatient rehab program, you might want to consider leaving your area to do so. Traveling for addiction treatment has quite a few benefits to it. Getting away from your hometown helps you to focus only on your recovery. You avoid familiar situations that could cause you to relapse. You avoid certain triggers. Sometimes, it’s just about getting a breath of fresh air somewhere completely new. You have a chance to reflect in a setting where you’re completely anonymous. For these reasons, traveling for treatment could be the best thing you ever did.

Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania

1. Bradford Recovery Center

64 School St., 

Millerton, PA

Bradford Recovery Center is a high-quality inpatient treatment program that also offers medical detox. They go by evidence-based methods with personalized care for adults. They offer treatment for certain co-occurring mental and behavioral health challenges. With their knowledgeable, professional staff, you’ll receive superior clinical services and a customized program.

2. Banyan Treatment Center

100 N Buckstown Drive Suite 100e

Langhorne, PA 

Banyan Treatment center offers unique programs and therapies such as PHP, IOP, and Stabilization. They are a leading treatment center in providing their patients the opportunity for growth through recovery. They do this with multiple levels of programs so each patient will be met where they’re at. 

3. Caron Pennsylvania

243 N. Galen Hall Road

Wernersville, Pennsylvania

The team at Caron are multidisciplinary so patients receive all types of care they need. They are capable of treating co-occurring disorders and offer gender specific programs. Caron even offers programs for teens and older adults in their specific programs. They offer a concierge level of care and help those with chronic pain who have opioid addictions. They offer on-site detox at their state-of-the-art center. Staff include renowned medical experts so high-quality care for your psychological and physical healing.

4. Silvermist Recovery

130 Critchlow School Road

Renfrew, PA

This recovery center is dedicated to young adults. It sits on 30 acres with cabins and converted barns. The program is residential and they offer individualized treatment for each client. Their programs are intimate with just 20 patients being treated at a time. They have fully licensed, experienced clinicians offering residents a person-focused experience. They address complex issues like substance addiction, underlying trauma, PTSD, and co-occurring mental health disorders.

5. The Ranch Pennsylvania

1166 Hilt Road

Wrightsville, PA

The Ranch is a stunning campus that gives patients a cozy feeling of home while going through the first stages of recovery. They offer treatment programs that involves mental health recovery as well. They use many different types of holistic therapy to help all types of clients. All patients will receive a personalized program based on their personal situation. 

In Pennsylvania, you can get high-quality treatment and stay on beautiful campuses in nature. There are also incredible options for low cost programs. Whatever your needs are, they can be met here. The most important step is asking for help. 

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