Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Oklahoma

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has a long history in the US. The good thing is addiction therapy has greatly improved. There have been many drugs that have come and gone with alcohol being a consistent problem throughout the decades. The worst drug that wreaked havoc through every state was legal. The opioid epidemic began with a pain management plan manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. They said it was non-addictive when taken as directed. However, prescriptions were mismanaged and many patients took the drugs way longer than they should have.

The drugs for pain were released in 1999. A decade went by with doctors giving these opioid prescriptions out liberally. Pharmaceutical companies gave doctors incentives to prescribe their brands. There were many different kinds of these opioid pain medications and they were given out for pretty much everything. What’s worse is none of this was monitored and patients would end up taking drugs for long enough to become dependent. When patients would try to stop on their own, they would experience the same pain the drugs had originally reduced. This is because the brain had become dependent. 

By the time the government stepped in, there were millions of Americans that had been misusing these prescriptions. The government put stricter regulations in place so countless people were all of a sudden cut off from the drugs they had become dependent on or even addicted to. This caused a lot of problems in itself. There were many break ins where people went through medicine cabinets to find prescriptions. They were then sold on the streets for high costs. However, it became easier to find heroin and average people would turn to this to get their “fix.” The end result was the harshest drug problem America has ever seen with millions affected.

The government realized that putting restrictions on prescriptions wasn’t enough to fight the problem. More studies were conducted about addiction and how to best recover from it. More funding went towards giving people support recovery. There were regulations put in place for health insurance companies to offer coverage for addiction recovery. This meant that everyone could get the help they needed. Even if you don’t have insurance, there is help. There are more high-quality programs available than ever before.

It’s best to attend inpatient rehab in the event you haven’t gone through treatment before. There are many benefits to staying in a residential setting and fully immersing in daily therapy. You’re getting the full spectrum treatment, giving you the best opportunity to recover fully. This isn’t always possible for everyone and if this is the case for you, there are other options. Outpatient programs allow you to stay at home while going through rehab that works around your schedule. An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is in the middle. You also get to stay home but you’ll have a more intensive treatment commitment that is like a high-quality inpatient rehab. 

Once rehab is complete, the support isn’t over. You’ll still need to work through the after effects, which is where group meetings can help. No matter where you live, there’s going to be a form of group support in your area. There are 12-step and other types of meetings. Other resources will be given to you as well. 

Treatment will start with detox, where you’re getting the substance out of your body. With addiction, the body and brain has become dependent on the substance. When you stop abusing it, the body reacts by way of withdrawal symptoms (physical and emotional). These can be quite challenging to manage so having the 24/7 support that professional detox offers is a life saver. From here, you’ll go through the process of healing the psychological reasons for addiction. Emotional wounds that have been held in are a common reason people will turn to substances. To recover fully, you’ll need help uncovering what these wounds are. There is also re-education and nutrition to support recovery. Many programs are going to incorporate family planning and therapy as well. Family support is important once you’re back at home. Treatment programs are designed based on proven methods of treatment. This is what makes them so powerful. They precisely target the issues of addiction and heal those aspects of yourself. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Treatment through addiction rehabilitation is going to give you tools and resources to get past addiction. There are many methods and modalities used while you have full support from clinicians and community. It’s been proven that these methods help you to overcome addiction and experience a better quality of life. Every detail matters so even the food they give you is specifically created to give your body back the nutrients they have lost. They help to reset the mind and help the body heal.

There are many therapy sessions with a therapist and also in a group. This is essential for your healing. Having the chance to learn about addiction and your emotions is really important during the first few weeks of being sober. The beginning of your recovery will come with a lot of triggers and cravings. Instead of falling victim to this and relapsing, you have the opportunity to go inward with help and find out why you’re feeling the need to abuse the substance you became addicted to.

They will incorporate activities that will increase your dopamine levels and make you feel a sense of happiness and peace. This can be really motivating for your journey. 

You’ll go through relapse prevention so once you’re home, you’ll have the tools to manage the hard moments. You’re also going to create a support system while you’re in rehab so you’re never alone in your journey even once you’re at home. 

Addiction Treatment in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a major problem with methamphetamines, which is a highly addictive drug. The state has been ranked the second-worst state in the US for overdose deaths. Many of these deaths are attributed to meth but also include prescription stimulants, heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics reported that there were 335 deaths related to meth use in 2018. This has created a great need for addiction treatment in Oklahoma so there are many programs to support people from all walks of life in the state.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

You may not realize it but traveling away from your hometown for addiction treatment has many benefits. You’re not going to experience the usual day-to-day triggers because you’re not in your usual surroundings. You have the chance to focus solely on your recovery without worrying about familiar people around you. This breath of fresh air is a big part of the healing process. There are none of the usual distractions so you can just heal yourself. 

The Best Drug Rehabs in Oklahoma

1. Landmark Recovery

2412 N. Ann Arbor 

Oklahoma City, OK

Landmark Recovery has many different types of substance abuse treatment programs. They meet every individual where they’re at. They offer inpatient programs, IOP, detox, and partial hospitalization programs. They address addiction from all angles. This includes medications to treat withdrawal symptoms, therapy sessions led by master level clinicians, family, counseling, and follow-up support.

2. The Recovery Center

1215 NW 25th St, 

Oklahoma City, OK

This is the only private program that is not-for-profit in Oklahoma. Accredited by CARF with other certifications, they offer high-quality services including medically supervised detox, outpatient, and IOP. They have family services available and a specific opioid addiction treatment service. They have a 48-bed center in a clinical setting.

3. Able Recovery

4901 S Pennsylvania

Oklahoma City, OK

This treatment center specializes in opioid and heroin addiction recovery. They offer MAT in their Suboxone and methadone clinic. They also offer other resources past their tapering program. Able Recovery is more of a day clinic but they strive to help you past addiction.

4. A Chance to Change

2113 West Britton Road, 

The Village, OK

For over 40 years, A Chance to Change has been helping addicts recover and their families as well. They believe family involvement helps to heal relationships and allows the family to properly support a recovery addict. Their team includes trained, experienced counselors that offer one-on-one, family, and group therapy. They treat co-occurring disorders also.

5. Oakwood Springs

13101 Memorial Springs Court

Oklahoma City, OK

Oakwood Springs offers individualized programs for each individual. They have medically supervised detox and once completed, they can transition you to their inpatient or outpatient therapy. They have a beautiful campus that was designed to make patients feel safe and welcome while focusing on their recovery. They have a team of physicians, therapists, clinicians, and other specialists.

6. Arcadia Trails

4851 Integris Pkwy, 

Edmond, OK 

This inpatient rehab campus offers over 60,000 square feet. They have 40 beds in total with a state-of-the-art recovery environment. It’s on a medical campus to help better serve the disease of addiction for patients. It’s one of the newest and most advanced addiction treatment centers in Oklahoma. Addiction is addressed in a holistic way and they have the capability to help those with co-occurring and compounding issues. 

There are some excellent options for addiction recovery in Oklahoma. All you need to do is take the first step and ask for help. Even if you’re not an Oklahoma resident, you might find the right rehab center here. Going to get professional addiction treatment is one of the best things you’ll ever do.

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