Best Addiction Treatment Centers in New York

Looking back on the last century in the US, there have been a lot of substance addiction issues. Going back as far as the late 1800’s, Bayer Pharmaceuticals manufactured heroin as a cough suppressant. It didn’t take long before they realized it was causing major problems for those who took it. Morphine was widely used and abused in the early 1900’s as well. You think history would have taught us something. However, the deadliest opioid problem was yet to come.

In 1999, big pharmaceutical companies started manufacturing opioids and marketing them as the new pain management solution. They insisted that they were low risk for addiction. This may have been true but if patients abused them or took them longer than recommended, addiction would be likely. Sadly, doctors were basically bought off. The more of these drugs they prescribed, the bigger perks and incentives they would receive from the pharmaceutical companies.

Computer systems that connected doctors with patients and prescriptions weren’t working well enough to catch the problem. Some patients could easily get opioid painkillers for years without being detected. They could go doctor shopping if they needed more medication and none of it was traced. Over time, millions of average Americans would become addicted to opioids. They may have stuck with prescription opioids or they may have turned to stronger drugs like heroin.

Eventually, the government realized what was happening to America and they started their war against opioids. They changed the way the medical system could give out opioids. Everything was monitored and people had to have really legit reasons to be allowed to take these medications and only for a certain time. The computer systems became more optimized for tracking prescriptions properly. While this was a great step, many of the patients who were addicted to opioids were forgotten in this scenario. They needed help and support to get clean. 

Many people addicted to opioids turned to illicit drugs like heroin, which are part of the same family. It was easier and cheaper to get them than their usual prescription painkillers. When fentanyl hit the streets, the problem became even more devastating. There had never been more people taking heroin and all of a sudden, there was a drug being mixed that could cause instant death. The death toll grew exponentially in 2016, causing a mad panic. 

Government and many other associations knew they needed to step in to save Americans from their addictions. They could no longer ignore that more people were dying from opioids than any other cause. Scientists were given a lot of money to find out how to help people with addictions. They began to really pinpoint what kind of methods it would take to retrain the mind and change behaviors. New programs were developed and the government made each insurance company include addiction rehab of some kind. There became a greater knowledge of what addiction is and also how to combat it. Today, there has never been better treatment for any kind of addiction. Science was able to break down the reasons that addiction develops and found methods to heal those reasons. 

The public also has a great idea of what addiction looks like. That it’s not a choice for people to continue using. That something has happened in the brain to cause behaviors and compulsions. Loosening the stigma around addiction has allowed people to ask for help. There are many different options available for rehabilitation. 

There are residential programs where you stay in a campus setting. These programs usually last for at least 28 days. Some people may not have the time to walk away from their lives for that long. If this is the case, there are also outpatient programs. You can continue working or going to school and then attending therapy sessions. Beyond the programs themselves, there is a lot of support. Any treatment facility is going to help you and make sure you have support past the program. They will often connect you with community support and ensure you aren’t alone once rehab has completed.

Treatment starts with detox because you have to get the toxins out of your body first. As the substance leaves your body, you’re probably going to feel discomfort. These are withdrawal symptoms and they can range from mildly uncomfortable to deadly. It depends on your addiction and how long/how much you have abused. Generally detox takes 7 days. Once you’ve completed this portion of treatment, you’ll move on to rehab. 

Rehab takes longer as it’s the process of healing the mind. Many times, addiction occurs because of some emotional pain that hasn’t been dealt with. The abuse of drugs or alcohol is a means of self-medication to numb the pain. If you don’t deal with that pain, relapse is going to be much more likely. Rehab also takes you through the process of bringing your brain chemicals back into balance. Healthy activities, nutritious foods, and re-education are all tools to help you get back to being yourself. 

You are going to do a lot of group therapy too. This is an opportunity to connect with others going through the same battle. It allows you to open up in a safe space and talk about your emotions. This can be extremely healing and it feels good to talk about what you’ve done and still be accepted in a group. For the first time, you may feel like you’re supported and that there’s hope. Once you go back home after rehab, there is community support that waits for you. Some people may not be ready to go home. If this is the case, there is sober living and other aftercare programs available. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Addiction treatment offers you the chance to fully recover from abusing substances. It’s important to understand how serious addiction really is. You are bound to the substance because your brain chemistry has completely changed. You are dependent on it and you have lost control. To gain control back and not feed into the compulsions, you need to heal and understand what’s happened to you.

Treatment offers a greater chance of recovery because you are getting “treated”. There are certain methods that are used. They have been tested for their efficacy. As you go through therapy, these methods will help you to heal, teach you more about yourself, and allow you to find a new way of living. You may go through emotional pain as you move through treatment. This is necessary for most people. When you deal with this pain, you can finally let go. It loses power and the substance also loses its power. 

When you go through treatment, they offer a full spectrum experience. All the steps work to unwind the need to abuse substances. You’re going to learn how to cope with triggers that would usually cause you to use. You get support from your community that motivates you to stay clean. Therapy is going to help you work through underlying causes of your addiction. You gain essential tools that help you live a positive life. You will learn how to improve your relationships and to ask for help when you need it.

Rehab is also a good time out from everything. When you have a chance to walk away from your life for a while, you have a chance to stop everything. You can change your habits and reflect on all that’s happened and what you want to see for yourself in the future. 

Addiction Treatment in New York

SAMHSA is a government agency that tracks substance abuse in the US. They reported nearly 300,000 people that were admitted into New York substance rehab centers. During 2012-2013, the percentage of alcohol dependence was 6.65% (1.1 million people). This was on par with the national average. When it came to illicit drugs, 462,000 people would seek treatment in the state of New York. The main drugs used include marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

New York State has a lot of residents and it’s a target for drug cartel and other illegal enterprises. The good thing is that there’s a lot of support for those with addiction problems. You’ll find all kinds of treatment centers to fit all walks of life. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

There are some benefits to traveling for addiction treatment. Many people decide to leave their state and go elsewhere for a variety of reasons. You are going to have a lot more options available when you’re willing to look further. You have the chance to focus on your recovery without any distractions. You are also going to eliminate the triggers that would cause you to use while you were at home. Going somewhere that’s brand new can really motivate you to make changes and change your mindset. It’s nice to get somewhere that is totally different. The good news is that often your insurance is going to cover some part of the travel costs. It can make a huge difference when you travel for treatment.

The Best Drug Rehabs in New York

1. Phoenix House

998 Crooked Hill Road

Building 5

Brentwood, NY 

20 New York Avenue

3rd Floor

Brooklyn, NY

287 Springs Fireplace Road

East Hampton, NY 

There are quite a few locations around New York State. Phoenix House has helped thousands of people get past addiction. They are committed to supporting addicts and their families with a wide range of services. They offer residential and outpatient treatment, continuing care, and recovery support. They can treat those with co-occurring disorder and welcome veterans, military personnel, and their families. They offer MAT (buprenorphine and suboxone).

2. Hazelden Betty Ford

322 8th Avenue, 12th Floor

New York City,  NY

This is an outpatient clinic that is right in the heart of Chelsea. It is high-quality outpatient that combines evidence-based therapeutic practices with the latest practices that have been scientifically proven to work. They take a tailored, holistic approach to develop every patient. They tailor an outpatient program for each person’s situation, challenge, and needs. They offer comprehensive care for the mind, body, and spirit. They also integrate mental health care and address co-occurring conditions.

3. New York Center for Living

226 E 52nd Street,

New York, NY

This clinic has a variety of plans for people of all ages. They offer a healing environment that encourages open discussion. Services include individual counseling, group therapy, family workshops and counseling. They offer holistic services with an emphasis on establishing a period of sobriety, they sharpen your prevention skills and help you with your interpersonal communication skills. They work to heal family relationships and look to improve your self-awareness, psychological growth, and emotional intelligence. 

4. Parallax Center

145 East 32nd Street, 6th Floor, 

New York, NY

Founded in 1984, they are an outpatient facility with high-quality services like you’d get from inpatient rehab programs. You have access to their full-time medical staff during detox and continuing care programs. The staff is trained in stabilizing your body chemistry so you can safely abstain from substances. They create individualized plans for the individual and offer unique treatments that have been proven to work. 

5. Mountainside

243 West 18th Street

New York, NY

Mountainside offers a full continuum of care. They offer residential, outpatient programs, and aftercare. They offer a full spectrum of services including medical and psychiatric services. You can take part in wellness classes, sober events, and enjoy their game room, art gallery, and lounge. The New York center is located in Chelsea.

6. Arms Acres

75 Seminary Hill Road 

Carmel, NY

This private health care system provides high quality professional treatment for those with a substance addiction. They have a rare campus for the New York City area that offers peace and tranquility. They offer help for those with mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders. They have inpatient and outpatient programs with an emphasis on addressing addiction from all angles. They endorse family therapy as well.

As there are so many people in New York, it’s got a wealth of options for addiction recovery treatment. There are many resources for free services as well as high end options. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find it in the state of New York. The hardest part is the first step because you’re probably not sure what to expect. Just know that when you take the step, you’re changing your life for the better. Help is waiting for you, you just have to accept it. 

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