Best Addiction Treatment Centers in New Mexico

Over the past decade, there’s been many different drugs that have come and gone. Both illicit and prescription drugs when abused enough can lead to addiction. Drugs like heroin, morphine, quaaludes, and valium make up some of the history. Recently, the opioid epidemic was the worst addiction problem seen in the US. It started in 1999 when big pharmaceutical companies rolled out pain management drugs. They were opioids much weaker than the likes of heroin and morphine. They said they weren’t addictive. 

The problem is, doctors mismanaged the amount of prescription painkillers they gave to patients. They wouldn’t have led people to become too dependent on them if they’d been prescribed for short periods of time. These drugs were also supposed to be a part of a whole pain management plan. This wasn’t the case. Some patients would end up on their pain medications for years undetected.

There was even the issue of “doctor shopping” so even if a doctor was responsible and stopped prescribing these medications, patients could find another doctor that would supply them. Doctors were being paid royalties and getting other benefits for prescribing these drugs. This all went on for nearly ten years before changes were made. Eventually, the government would step in and change regulations on how doctors could prescribe opioid medications. This meant that patients were all of a sudden cut off from drugs they became dependent or addicted to. 

There was little help available in the beginning. Supplies were cut off but there was still the issue of helping people to recover. Opioid medications like OxyContin were all of a sudden being sold on the streets. Break-ins increased because people were looking to get into medicine cabinets. The supplies were limited and quite costly. Heroin was much easier to find and cheaper so many average people turned to this much stronger opioid. At a time where more people than ever were doing heroin, fentanyl made its way onto the streets across America. This drug is up to 100 times more potent than morphine and it was being mixed into various street drugs. It caused instant overdose and death in many, causing a massive rise in opioid deaths.

It became the first priority for the government to combat the opioid epidemic. More research was done about the effects of opioids and the nature of addiction itself. Science began to understand much more about the illness of addiction and what it takes to get beyond it. This information was well documented and is now integrated into addiction recovery treatment. The government also introduced various free treatment programs so that everyone could get the help they needed. Today, the public has a greater understanding of what addiction really is and there is less of a stigma. 

The quality of treatment has greatly improved and for those who need to go through recovery, there is a lot of hope. Addiction is extremely challenging to get past. It takes various methods from all angles to get past it. This is available now in a variety of ways. You can take part in a residential program where you stay in a campus setting. There are also outpatient programs that allow you to stay at home while getting the help you need. These programs vary in their intensity. There are prices and flexible plans to suit anyone’s needs.

Treatment is going to start with detox, which is the process of getting the substance out of your body. Often, there are uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that come with this process. Going through professional detox will ensure you have the support and medical assistance throughout this time. It takes up to 7 days to go through detox. Once you’re done and the body is clean, rehab is available. This comes with many different treatments, therapies, and activities to support your recovery. 

There are many different types of treatment programs. Some people will stay in rehab for up to six months while others will go through a 28 day program and go home. Once you’re home, you will still have to continue doing the work. There are many inspiring books for addiction recovery. You can also look at what group therapy meetings are available in your area. The options are there and the support is available for anyone ready to take that first step. Regardless of your financial situation or time restraints, there is a program for everyone.

Why Choose Treatment?

Treatment is going to give you a much better chance of fully recovering. You are given all the tools you need to get back on your feet and enjoy a positive life. Studies have even found that you’re up to 60% more likely to recover successfully when you take part in a treatment program. You may have tried to stop abusing drugs or alcohol in the past. Maybe you made it through a few days of suffering only to relapse again. It feels like you don’t have control over your life and you become consumed with the substance. Many people will lose everything before they make the choice to get help. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

When you attend rehab, you will go through various stages of recovery through proven methods. This is going to help reverse the effects of substance abuse and bring your brain back to balance. You’ll learn how to cope with triggers that would have led you to abuse substances before. You also gain a supportive community to help you on your journey. Therapy will guide you through any of the underlying reasons for your addiction. You will do activities that help to boost endorphins in the body. Treatment will not only help you to stop abusing substances, it also gives you the tools to improve your life overall. This includes relationships with loved ones. You will learn how to reach out and ask for help when you need it and build a healthy relationship with yourself. You learn how to love and accept yourself and see the value in yourself and all you have to give. 

Rehab allows you to take time out from what you were doing, change habits, and learn how to make better choices in your future. It is all done from a place of compassion from professionals that specialize in addiction. 

Addiction Treatment in New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Health released a report regarding a rise in alcohol-related deaths in 2018. A total of 1,544 New Mexico residents died from alcohol, which included alcohol poisoning. There have also been problems related to opioid overdose use and deaths. Statistics from 2018 found that in total, there were 338 fatalities reported involving synthetic opioids. Many of these deaths involved fentanyl. 

There are clearly problems with addiction in New Mexico but there are also solutions. There are some excellent treatment centers of all kinds. There is residential rehab, government funded outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, and aftercare programs like sober living.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment doesn’t necessarily have to be in your town or even in your state. If you find a program that you think is ideal for you, it’s possible to travel to the state it’s in. In fact sometimes it’s better to get away from it all and go somewhere completely new. This allows you to focus solely on your recovery without distractions. You’re also less likely to experience familiar triggers that would have caused you to abuse substances because you’re not in a familiar place. You may even find that your insurance covers your travel costs. Traveling for addiction can make a big difference in your recovery so it’s worth considering.

The Best Drug Rehabs in New Mexico

1. Vista Taos Rehab Center

259 Blueberry Hill Road

El Prado, New Mexico

Vista Taos is a premium care facility for addiction recovery. They put a focus on compassionate recovery and offer a unique recovery process. Their treatment is individual and meets the needs of the individual patient. They hold a national accreditation with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Well established, they have been in business for the past 25 years. Their services include detox, primary care, and extended care programming. 

2. Viewpoint Rehabilitation Center

1114 Villa Road SE, 

Rio Rancho, NM

Viewpoint Rehab Center offers many premium therapy options beyond just the clinical treatments. They offer equestrian therapy where you can work with horses to heal. They also offer massage therapy, yoga sessions, and personal training and fitness. They are a private inpatient residential treatment center. 

3. Turning Point Recovery Center

9201 Montgomery Blvd NE #5

Albuquerque, NM

Turning Point has a great ranking as being one of the best addiction treatment service providers in the state of New Mexico. Their approach is based on holistic practices. They do a lot of work with patients to get them to really understand who they are and what their strengths are. They offer evidence-based practices that have found to consistently deliver positive results. They work with each client to create individual plans and address the needs that person has. They have comprehensive services that begin with inpatient or outpatient detox. They move on to IOP with one on one therapy and sober living support. 

4. New Mexico Rehabilitation Center

72 Gail Harris

Roswell, NM

This center offers a wide variety of services including physical and occupational therapy, social services, psychological services, anda chemical dependency program. They have recently expanded and created a substance abuse treatment program. They have IOP where treatment is delivered in a therapeutic group setting three times a week for a 16 week period. The sessions are three hours long. The program includes relapse prevention, social support, skills for early recovery, continued recovery, and family education. They also have an inpatient addiction treatment program that lasts for 21 days.

5. Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers

7005 Prospect Pl NE

Albuquerque, NM

This is an IOP treatment center with a unique program built around healing and rebuilding the family unit. The center itself is in a beautiful setting that offer serenity and peace. They offer a 12-step alternative program with psychotherapy. This is dependent on the individual. They offer a mainly holistic, spiritual approach in their recovery program. They do use evidence-based treatment as well. Each program is customized for the individual patient. 

6. Recovery New Mexico

Five Points Clinic

1528 Five Points Road

Albuquerque, NM

Belen Clinic

2443 State Highway 47

Belen, NM

Roswell Clinic

1107 South Atkinson

Roswell, NM

Isleta Clinic

1711 Isleta SW

Albuquerque, NM

There are quite a few clinics around New Mexico. When you go through RSNW, you’re going to have individualized treatment with a counselor that works with you the whole time. They will be in charge of tailoring your personalized program and working with doctors to ensure you have the medical assistance you need. They are going to help you manage your life choices, experiences and help to underpin your addiction. These are all outpatient programs.

Whatever you need in terms of treatment, there is something for you in New Mexico. If you, or a loved one has been struggling with addiction, it’s time to get help. There’s never been a better time. The treatment is very specific, creating better outcomes and there is more financial assistance than ever before. Take the first step towards a more positive life.

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