Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Nevada

The story of addiction problems is not new. Throughout the years, as problems have evolved, the treatment has also improved. The opioid epidemic woke people up and a realization that addiction wasn’t being managed in the right way created change for the good. Let’s rewind back to 1999 when prescription opioids like OxyContin became part of the pain management program.

These drugs were designed to be used short term for those who had gone through surgery or a major injury. They should have been used in conjunction with other forms of recovery. However, in rural areas, there aren’t always full services to help people. While these medications wouldn’t be risky for short term use, there was also the issue of mismanagement. Doctors didn’t keep track of the amount of prescriptions or times a patient was using these painkillers. If doctors were responsible, patients would go see other doctors. The monitoring of prescriptions wasn’t in place properly.

This went on for a total of ten years before it became evident that a major problem had developed. Millions of average Americans had become dependent on opioid painkillers. When government bodies stepped in, they made it more difficult for patients to get these drugs. For those that were already addicted, they didn’t have the know-how to get help. There was no guidance. Instead, they looked for other alternatives to getting their fix. Opioid painkillers were being stolen and sold on the streets. However, heroin actually cost less and was easier to find. 

The average Joe was now doing heroin and this was hauntingly more common than you’d expect. There was a serious scramble to help Americans and it became obvious that accessible, high-quality addiction treatment was necessary for everyone who needed it. During this time, there was also a lot of money being spent on studies. This created better methods and therapy for those with a substance addiction. 

Today, there is more help than ever. Varying programs exist for people from all walks of life. More is known about addiction and there are many different ways to help people recover fully. The community support is more available too as people have grown to understand the disease of addiction. You are not alone and there is help waiting no matter what your financial situation is. While it’s recommended that you take part in residential rehab, there are other options for you today.

There are quite a few steps involved in recovery. It starts with detox, which is the process of getting the substance out of your body. This is usually going to bring on withdrawal symptoms that can be managed in a professional setting. Once you’ve gone through this and the body is clean from the substance, you can move onto rehab. This is a more comprehensive process as you have to look into the psychological reasons for your addiction. This includes various forms of therapy like individual and group therapy. You also gain knowledge about addiction and are given nutritious foods. The goal with treatment is to allow you to move forward with your life in a positive way. There are a lot of building blocks involved.

Post rehab is another step in itself. Many programs have aftercare and alumni opportunities. In every town and city in America, there is some form of 12-step meetings available too. You will always have the support you need once you begin. It starts with asking for help.

Why Choose Treatment?

Treatment gives you every opportunity to recover from addiction. If you’ve had an addiction problem for a while, you know how debilitating it is. You feel isolated and alone. You’ve probably tried to stop only to relapse a few days later. The reason relapse is likely when you try to abstain on your own is because you don’t have any of the tools to make it stick.

When you attend rehab, you’re up to 60% more likely to succeed. Aspects of a successful recovery include supported detox, therapy, peer support, good nutrition, exercise, learning about positive activities, and much more. Everything works to give you hope, motivation, and self-esteem so you can move forward to a more positive way of living.

Addiction is something that is always with you but through rehab, you can learn how to manage it. When cravings or triggers come up, they can make you want to use again. Rehab teaches you methods to prevent relapse. You grow your other interests and gain more self worth so you won’t want to abuse substances anymore. You’ll also grow your community and meet new people that suit your new life.

While going through treatment, you will dive deep into the reasons you started abusing substances. Often, we self medicate to numb our feelings because there’s something we haven’t gotten over emotionally. If you have a mental disorder like anxiety or depression, you may have used substances to combat your feelings. This is very common and when treated, you can get past the need to abuse substances to cope.

Addiction treatment is going to get you back on your feet and allow you to start over again. You will address many things that were holding you back from living a full life. It gives you the opportunity to pause, reflect, and heal. Addiction treatment is going to make you feel less alone and you’ll come out of it with a new confidence and hope. 

Addiction Treatment in Nevada

It’s been found by a recent survey that nearly 10% of Nevada residents used illicit drugs in a 30 day period. This is way above the national average. Nevada has one of the highest opioid abuse rates in the country. Alcohol abuse is also high in Nevada. With places like Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada might have larger averages than other states but there is a problem among rural areas also. There are many different addiction programs to necessitate these addictions.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

You may not realize it but there are actually many advantages to getting away for rehab. If you’re taking time out for residential rehab anyway, going somewhere totally unfamiliar has it’s advantages. You’ll never have to worry about running into someone you know for one. Also, you get to focus on your recovery and nothing else. You won’t experience the triggers that caused you to work as frequently due to your new surroundings. If you’re willing to travel, you have more options and it’s likely you’ll find the program that’s right for you. It’s worth considering for sure and you may find that your insurance company covers travel costs as well.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Nevada

1. Vogue Recovery Center

4011 McLeod Dr,

Las Vegas, NV

Vogue Recovery Center has various treatment programs throughout the US. The center in Las Vegas is an inpatient program. They offer comfortable accommodation in semi-private rooms. It’s a 5:1 Staff to Client Ratio. Their facilities are modern and they focus on body, mind, and spiritual healing in their program. They focus on improving your physical health through exercise and nutrition with holistic therapy.They offer family therapy and medical detox here as well.

2. Las Vegas Recovery Center

3371 N Buffalo Dr,

Las Vegas, NV 

The Las Vegas Recovery Center offers an elegant treatment center when you take part in their residential program. They meet and treat conditions for clients on an individual basis. They build a strong foundation for addicts with their twelve-step approach combined with evidence based therapies. The staff are welcoming and treat you like family while giving you a continuum care, helping you to recover from addiction and move forward with your life. 

3. Desert Hope Treatment Center

2465 East Twain Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 

Desert Hope offers a variety of outpatient programs including PHP, outpatient, and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). PHP is the most intensive with IOP giving you a bit more flexibility. Outpatient is just a few hours a week. They offer these programs so everyone can find what’s right for them. If you feel you need to stay in a safe environment, they do offer sober living as well. Their services are much like an inpatient rehab in terms of quality and options.

4. CrossRoads of South Nevada

2121 W. Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, NV

CrossRoads offers comprehensive outpatient programs for addiction. They are licensed by the State of Nevada and SAPTA. They have qualified staff that are accredited professionals. The care here is of a clinical nature and they’re considered the leading medical detox program with extremely high success rates. 

5. Mountain View Hospital – Inpatient Rehab

3100 N Tenaya Way

Las Vegas, NV 

This hospital offers inpatient rehab and it’s the only one in Southern Nevada where you can have your own private room. You wouldn’t know the center is attached to a hospital as you look beyond the mountain views. You have full access to all medical services as well as specific addiction recovery services. 

6. Vance Johnson Recovery Center

2651 Westwood Drive

Las Vegas, NV

This recovery center has gained a lot of attention for their success rates and different approaches. They offer comprehensive and compassionate personalized care. They have a 44-bed facility with customized treatment plans. They offer both holistic and evidence-based treatments to heal the whole self. Their team of professionals and multi-disciplinary. Treatment is trauma-informed with a deep respect for patients. Their long-term recovery plans educate patients on how to prevent relapse and live a sober life successfully.

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