Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Nebraska

Addiction to substances is nothing new. For most of modern history, prescription medication and illicit drugs has led people to become addicted. The worst case of this was the recent opioid epidemic. It started in 1999 when pharmaceutical companies released medication designed for pain management. They said it was non-addictive and at the time, it answered the problem of how to help patients manage pain. 

In rural areas, there wasn’t a lot of services to help people rehabilitate after an injury or post surgery. Instead, they were given pain medication. Opioids like OxyContin wouldn’t generally be addictive when administered properly. The problem is that they weren’t. These drugs were over prescribed and patient files were vastly mismanaged. People would become physically dependent on these medications and eventually it would lead to addiction. These practices went on for a decade. Additional issues like crooked doctors and patients learning to “doctor shop” enhanced the problem further.

Eventually, it became evident that there was a major problem developing in the US. By the time the government stepped in with new regulations, the damage had been done. Millions of Americans were abusing opioid painkillers. So when it became more difficult for people to get prescriptions filled, some would look to the streets. Opioid painkillers became so popular that they were being sold on the streets. They were expensive due to demand and low availability. Heroin is in the same family as these prescription drugs so average working Americans were now taking this highly addictive drug. The additional problem was that Fentanyl made it’s way onto the streets. This was causing a major increase in overdose deaths. It is extremely potent and can be deadly even upon exposure.

The opioid epidemic was the perfect storm but one good thing that came out of it. The best doctors, psychologists, and addiction experts put their heads together. Numerous tests were conducted. The government created support for those affected by addiction. Today, there is more help than ever. There are numerous different addiction recovery programs that suits everyone’s needs. Programs are personalized to address the individual’s needs. There is financial support so nobody is left out if they have a problem with addiction. There is a greater understanding of why addiction occurs and how to unravel the illness so someone can move on with their life. 

Addiction recovery offers a full spectrum of methods that help you to heal all aspects of yourself. It will begin with detox. This is managing the physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. Once the body is clean of the substance, you move onto rehab. Rehab will involve therapy, support, education, and many different methods to heal the mind, body, and soul. There is residential and outpatient programs available with varying price points. Addiction recovery is life-long so treatment centers are giving you the fundamentals to manage your addiction for life. You gain strength and understanding while healing parts of yourself.

When you go home, there is still support for you. You are always going to have someone to talk to. Twelve-step programs offer meetings a few times a week. They are designed to give you support, a safe place to share, and serve as motivation. There is also after care available and some programs even offer 6 month inpatient programs. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Without treatment, you will have to guess how you can get past an extremely challenging situation. You may not understand addiction. There are many different factors but when it comes down to it, your brain has been completely altered. You lose control over your ability to make the right choices. You have compulsions to use drugs or drink and even if your life is falling apart, you can’t stop. It takes more than will power. You need the tools. 

In treatment, you get the tools you need. You also gain valuable education on what addiction is. This understanding is going to help you make the changes you need in order to successfully become sober. A really important part of the whole recovery puzzle is that you go through a lot of emotional healing. Many times, addiction occurs due to something that has happened in your past. If we look to Vietnam war vets, they experience PTSD from their war experience. This led to abusing substances to self-medicate their pain. In therapy, you will uncover what your pain is and begin to heal from it.

There are many methods in addiction treatment that address all parts of addiction. You get support from professional staff and other peers. You don’t feel alone and you always have someone to talk to. There are various programs that you can choose from. Maybe you love horses or dogs. If this is the case, you can go to a program that allows you to spend time with animals daily.  

Addiction Treatment in Nebraska

Drug use trends in Nebraska show that 7% of residents reported using illicit drugs in a 30 day period. Also, nearly 3% of residents reported that they used an illicit drug beyond marijuana. Cocaine use was found to be prevalent in 21,000 people while meth is even a bigger problem. Nearly 93% of Nebraska residents with drug-related prosecutions were related to meth. A high percentage of people taking part in recovery treatment did so due to meth. Alcohol abuse and addiction is ahead of meth and is another major issue in Nebraska. The good news is that there is a lot of help in Nebraska. They offer some high-quality treatment centers.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

If you are able to attend residential rehab, you may want to consider getting away from your area. There are many fantastic treatment centers in Nebraska that might be just what you need. It’s important to find the right program for you. Also, when you travel for addiction treatment, you are able to focus on your recovery with no distractions. The triggers that exist while you’re at home aren’t in the new environment. For all these reasons, it’s worth considering to travel. Your insurance company may even cover your travel expenses.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Nebraska

1. Valley Hope of Omaha

7703 Serum Ave

Omaha, NE

This treatment center focuses on IOP for co-occurring disorders. They work with patients and their families. They also help people with co-occurring disorders to transition back into normal life. They blend various high intensity therapies with a 12-step philosophy. They have a six-week program and offer continuing care afterwards.

2. Lutheran Family Services

Downtown Omaha Behavioral Health

120 South 24th Street, Suite 100, 

Omaha, NE 68102

LFS is an outpatient program that is part of a larger organization. They offer IOP and family support education for those with substance abuse disorders. They help patients to learn what their issues are that led to addiction. Family and loved ones are taught about coping skills that will help all parties involved build a healthier lifestyle.

3. Bryan Health

1600 S. 48th St.

Lincoln, NE

There are various levels of care and each are well planned and tailored to the individual. They offer therapy like counseling, group therapy, education, family services, and medical care. They access clients first and then create programs for them. They have an emphasis on care and open communication both with the client and the family. Services include residential rehab, medical detox, IOP, and outpatient programs.

4. Center Pointe

2633 P Street

Lincoln, NE

Co-occurring Residential Treatment – Omaha

This program is an intensive treatment experience. It works to help patients understand their mental illness and their addiction and how they work together. This program is residential and lasts from 4-6 months.

Short-term Residential Treatment – Omaha

This is a shorter term residential treatment program. It is also for co-occurring disorder. The standard time of stay is 45 days.

The programs provide various forms of therapy, psychiatric care, nursing care, recreational therapy, nutritional services, life skills education, community support, and peer support. 

5. Choices Treatment Center

127 South 37th Street Suite B

Lincoln, NE

Counselors at Choices have dual credentials and offer mental health assessments, family counseling, substance abuse evaluations, and more. There is a 24-hour helpline that is staffed with counselors. You can take part in group counseling and education sessions. They offer outpatient and IOP.

The Nebraska treatment center options are often involved with the medical system. They might be attached to a hospital or general clinic setting. For those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on addiction treatment, there are many different options. There are also high-quality residential treatment programs that could be covered through your insurance. Whatever your needs are, there are a variety of options for you.

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