Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Missouri

Substance abuse has long been a problem in the US. The type and strength of drugs have changed but the nature of addiction is ongoing. For most of the history of addiction, there was a stigma about it that was totally incorrect. This led people with substance abuse issues to isolate themselves and lose hope. Today, there is a lot more understanding. This has a lot to do with the amount of studies that have been conducted due to the recent opioid crisis in the US.

Back in 1999, they rolled out a new pain management plan in the medical system. Pharmaceutical companies said the drugs were virtually non-addictive and doctors promoted these opioid painkillers. For a period of ten years, many patients became addicted to these allegedly harmless legal drugs. There were average people that became dependent on these drugs. These opioids were mismanaged in the medical system and patients were freely given prescriptions for much longer than suggested. In time, many people would become so addicted, they would doctor shop. 

During the Obama administration, they introduced new laws making it harder to get prescription opioids for pain. However, the damage had been done. With the lack of the prescriptions available, many turned to illicit opioids like heroin. When Fentanyl hit the streets, an opioid 100 times stronger than morphine, fatalities skyrocketed. The epidemic led to numerous studies on how to manage addiction. Today, there is more help and knowledge about addiction than ever before.

There is also more support no matter what kind of addiction treatment you need. Even if you have no money or means, there is a way. The government offers special programs that are either free or a sliding scale based on your salary. It is also mandatory for all insurance companies to offer some kind of addiction recovery treatment.

So while there are greater problems in addiction, there is also a lot of hope. Treatment has never been better or more informed than it is today. There are a variety of programs that make it possible for anyone to recover from addiction. It’s highly recommended that you take part in an inpatient program. However, this might not be possible for everyone. There are also outpatient programs of various kinds. There are basic programs and intensive programs known as Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). Here, you get the same high-quality treatment you would with inpatient rehab but you have more freedom and it costs less.

Your first step is detox, which is where the substance leaves your body. This can come with mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. It’s recommended that you take part in a detox program where you can be monitored 24/7. Having the medical and emotional support is important during this time. Detox can be holistic or there can be medical assistance where medication is incorporated. The medicine used helps you to taper off the substance, easing withdrawal symptoms. When detox is complete and the substance is no longer in your body, you’re ready to start rehab. This will help you deal with psychological reasons that contributed to substance abuse, leading to addiction. This process is ongoing as you uncover the underlying reasons you began to abuse in the first place. Once you’ve completed rehab, you’ll have a better scope of who you are and will have much more power over the substance of abuse. You should also seek out aftercare. Many treatment centers offer an aftercare service. There are also 12-step programs that are free and in every area of the country. They’ve been around for decades and are a solid method for when you’re back at home.

Why Choose Treatment?

Statistically speaking, going for professional treatment makes it 60% more likely you’ll successfully recover. Rehab gives you a lot of different tools while also healing emotional wounds and educating you on how to manage your addiction. There are triggers that can come up, causing relapse. You learn methods on combating the compulsion to abuse substances again. You’re going to learn what addiction is and how it affects your mind. 

Rehab will put you through necessary treatment that helps you heal all aspects of yourself. You will go through one on one therapy as well as group therapy. You’ll meet others who are going through the same journey as you. Being able to talk through your feelings is deeply healing and a necessary part to recovering fully. The therapy involved methods that are proven to work

The therapy offered at an addiction treatment center are proven methods that have been used time and time again. You are essentially retraining the brain and bringing balance back into your body and mind. The tools and knowledge you gain will make it easier to abstain and as time goes on, you’ll become stronger against the cravings and behaviors that once dragged you down.

Treatment for addiction is the most effective way to get past substance addiction and live a more positive life. 

Addiction Treatment in Missouri

In 2018 alone, the DMH reported that nearly 400,000 Missouri residents suffered from some form of substance use disorder. The demographic was people over 12 and older were the most susceptible. The most problematic area was in the Central Region at 8.83%. When it comes to excessive drinking, 14% of females made up this category and 22% of men. Missouri might not have the highest substance abuse rate but there is still a necessity for addiction treatment. This is why there are so many high quality addiction centers in the state.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

There are some good benefits to getting away from it all when seeking out a treatment center. If you’re planning to attend an inpatient clinic, it’s worth considering going further from home. This gives you a fresh start so you can focus on your recovery and nothing else. You remove yourself from triggers because you’re no longer near anything familiar. Check with your insurance company as they may cover some or all of your travel costs. 

The Best Drug Rehabs in Missouri

1. Midwest Institute for Addiction

St. Louis Location
711 Old Ballas Road, Suite 203
Creve Coeur, MO 

Kansas City Location
1512 NE 96th Street, Suite A
Liberty, MO

Kansas City Location
800 E 101st Terrace, Suite 350
Kansas City, MO

There are various locations throughout Missouri. They offer a full spectrum of services from detox to aftercare. Their substance abuse treatment programs are Internationally Accredited and recognized by the State. As there are so many branches, you have access to much more services than most addiction treatment centers. 

2. Harris House

2706 S. River Rd

St. Charles, MO

8315 South Broadway

St. Louis, MO

Harris House offers a continuum of care in recognition to the fact that everyone is different. They are able to help anybody with any stage of their recovery. You can enter into their facility no matter where you’re at and they have the ability to help you. They offer a 28-day inpatient program that is tailored to the individual’s needs. Their treatment options and constant support afterwards is what helps their patients to succeed with long term sobriety.

3. The Crossroads Program

626 Cepi Drive

Chesterfield, MO

The Crossroads Program is one of the oldest substance addiction rehab center in St. Louis. It is exclusively for teens and young adults. They understand the special issues that teens have to deal with and what leads them to addiction. They have built their rehab centers around addressing these issues. They offer an intensive outpatient program with counseling and group therapy services.

4. Midwest Recovery Programs

13340 Holmes Rd 

Kansas City, MO

At Midwest Recovery, they use a therapeutic model with various approaches. They offer individual and group therapy, including experiential therapy. They also encourage patients to take part in community activities and integrate what they’ve learned into their daily lives. They offer extended care treatment that they break into 2 phases. The first phase lasts ninety days and the second phase takes up to six months. Throughout this time, you are monitored by clinical staff.

5. Aviary Recovery Center

Residential Treatment

22933 Hwy. 61

Eolia, MO

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

1391 Smizer Mill Road

Suite 101

Fenton, MO

At Aviary, they offer a full continuum of care from detox to aftercare. They have a residential rehab program as well as an Intensive Outpatient Program. There is a family care program as well as an alumni program. You can first take part in the residential treatment and then the IOP afterwards if necessary.

6. Turning Points Recovery Centers

146 Communications Drive

Hannibal, MO

Turning Points has a few different locations so they are able to offer you a variety of services. You can take part in their residential program or an IOP. They offer gender specific programs as well so men and women can take part in a program that specifically meets their needs. 

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