Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Mississippi

When it comes to substance addiction in the US, there has been an ongoing problem for decades. The faces have changed throughout the years such as different drugs have come and gone. Alcohol has long been an issue when it comes to addiction as well. The drugs have become more dangerous but even pharmaceutical drugs have caused dependence and addiction in US citizens. 

For a long time, the general public didn’t really understand addiction. This caused a stigma that would lead people with addiction to feel isolated. They would hide the problem and feel immense shame. In a family dynamic, members will often become a part of the problem by enabling the alcohol family member. This creates a stressful environment for everyone. 

The opioid epidemic that went through all areas of the US created a lot of change in the addiction sector. The need for studies and ways to combat addiction against drugs like OxyContin, heroin, and fentanyl allowed scientists to truly understand the underlying reasons for addiction. The government also stepped in and made it mandatory for all insurance companies to cover some form of addiction recovery treatment.

If you, or someone you love has a problem with substances, there is more help than ever. The treatment is better than it’s ever been and it’s accessible to everyone. There are programs that can meet everyone’s needs. While it’s recommended that you attend inpatient rehab for at least 28 days, it’s not always necessary. If you can’t get away from your life for this, there are also Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). This allows you to go through intensive therapy while still being able to maintain your life. There are also other outpatient options that aren’t as intense. Many of these programs are government run or by a local organization. They might be completely free or work on a sliding scale depending on how much income you make. The point is, there really is help for everyone. 

The whole process of recovery addiction should start with detox. This is where you stop abusing the substance and let it leave your body. Oftentimes, there are withdrawal symptoms that can range from mildly uncomfortable to deadly. It’s highly recommended that you go through professional detox in a clinical setting. Most detox services will include 24/7 monitoring with either holistic or medically assisted therapy provisions. 

Once detox is complete, you are considered “clean” in the physical sense. After detox, you should then start dealing with the psychological reasons for your addiction. This takes more time to process and even once you’re done rehab, you should look at local meetings in your area to continue talking about your journey. In rehab, you’ll talk one on one with a counselor and go through group therapy sessions as well. This is going to help you reveal the psychological reasons for your addiction. There are various forms of talk therapy and other kinds of therapy that help you to heal from all aspects of your addiction. 

You learn how to communicate with others and ask for help. There is often family therapy as it’s been found to be an important part of a person’s recovery. Rehab will take a few weeks at least and once you’ve gone home or finished an outpatient program, you’ll want to have methods of support in place. The most common support are 12-step meetings like AA or NA. There is more help than you can imagine that heals you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Statistics have found there’s up to a 60% greater chance of success when you go through some type of treatment. This is because you’re given essential tools that help you more easily deal with any challenges. Things like triggers or cravings can be powerful enough to make even the most strong willed relapse. The education you receive during rehab will help you understand the disease of addiction. This can help you process how your mind is working throughout recovery. You gain more control over your compulsions and no longer walk blindly. Instead, you have tools that are going to help you succeed. 

Rehab is going to work on helping you to see the positive parts of yourself and your life. You’ll start to feel a new sense of hope for the future. You won’t feel alone anymore. In rehab, you’ll form a solid group of supportive people. You can freely speak about your emotions and work through them. A lot of times, addicts will have repressed their emotions and this can be a major cause for substance abuse in the first place. To fully heal, these emotions need to be looked at and removed.

The therapy offered at an addiction treatment center are proven methods that have been used time and time again. You are essentially retraining the brain and bringing balance back into your body and mind. The tools and knowledge you gain will make it easier to abstain and as time goes on, you’ll become stronger against the cravings and behaviors that once dragged you down.

Treatment for addiction is the most effective way to get past substance addiction and live a more positive life. 

Addiction Treatment in Mississippi

The good news is that Mississippi shows to be on the lower end of substance addiction issues. They still have their problems though. Over 30% of residents in the state over twelve reported drinking alcohol in the past month. About 17% of Mississippi residents admitted that they binge drank. The National Survey of Drug Use and Health stated that 227,000 people admitted to using illicit substances in the past month with 17,000 of these being minors.

Mississippi offers help for all types of addictions for people from all walks of life. There are plenty of resources for minors and adults. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Traveling for addiction might not be for everyone but there are some benefits to it. You can choose the best facility for your needs when you’re willing to travel out of your state. This removes you from your normal day to day life that may come with a lot of triggers. You also have the chance to focus on your recovery and nothing else. Being anonymous brings many recovering addicts comfort. If you’re worried about the travel costs, make sure to check with your insurance company to see if they’ll cover those costs.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Mississippi

1. Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

13251 Reece Bergeron Rd.

Biloxi, MS 

Accredited by the Joint Commission, this family-owned and operated rehab center puts an emphasis on acute individualized care. They offer a tailored treatment to suit every patient’s specific needs. They offer a homelike environment that is comfortable and offers patients a feeling of safety. They offer medical detox, residential rehab, and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

2. Defining Wellness Centers

3949 Highway 43 North

Brandon, MS

Located in Jackson, this luxury inpatient rehab center offers an oasis on their 26 acres of green landscapes. This serene campus is a perfect foundation to restore yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. They offer many activities on their campus with full services from medical detox to aftercare. 

3. Oxford Treatment Center

297 County Road 244

Etta, MS

This inpatient rehab campus is stunning with so many wonderful activities you can engage in. You’ll start with detox and move onto the residential treatment. They work with you as you begin your life and rebuild. They offer a 90 day program that they highly recommend and it even comes with a guarantee. If you have a relapse once the 90 day program is over, you’ll get another 30 days of treatment complimentary.

4. Extra Mile Recovery

720 Oak Grove Rd Bldg 3

Mantachie, MS

Extra Mile Recovery has all the services one could want. Medical detox, rehab, chronic rehab programs, aftercare, and alumni. The campus sits on a stunning piece of sprawling land with private lakes. Key benefits include one-on-one counseling that’s tailored to each patient. They help you to understand the root of your addiction and tackle mental health issues through various methods. They help patientS to develop autonomy, self-knowledge, and skills for coping.

5. Clearview Recovery Center

#3 Clearview Circle 

Moselle, MS

Clearview has been around for three decades and is considered a premier residential program. In 2005, Mental Health Corporations of America awarded Clearview as the top center for customer satisfaction in the state. They have dedicated staff that offer compassion and understanding to their patients. Their program is flexible with each program being tailored to the patient. Their location is serene with plenty of trees and rolling hills. They offer a premiere inpatient program, extended treatment program, and family involvement programs.

If you’re looking for help with addiction, these treatment centers can offer you a lot. The campuses are all stunning and help you lay down the foundations for long term recovery. Some of them may be covered by your insurance. You can always contact the centers and they’ll find out what you’re eligible for. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions you have. It could be the best thing you ever did for yourself. 

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