Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Minnesota

The US has experienced a lot of problems when it comes to substance abuse. While there’s always been addiction issues with alcohol, opioids, and stimulants, the problem escalated. In 1999, the medical industry approved many kinds of opioid painkillers as a means of pain management. Reports stated these prescription drugs weren’t addictive but with mismanagement, addiction became an epidemic. All of a sudden normal citizens were falling into addictions and had no help to fight against it. 

There became a great need for addiction recovery that worked. Studies were conducted and today, there is more knowledge than ever on what addiction is and how it can be managed. The truth is, once you have an addiction, it will always be with you. You can never abuse your substance of addiction again. There are ways of managing it however. Today, there are many high quality addiction treatment centers in Minnesota.

It doesn’t matter what your financial situation or time frame is either. Many different treatment programs are available for people from all walks of life. Government and church organizations offer free addiction programs. If you have insurance, your company is obligated to provide coverage. 

There are many phases of addiction recovery to ensure that patients have support. It starts with detox, which is where you address the physical symptoms of addiction. You’re going to stop abusing the substance with holistic and/or medication assisted therapy. This comes with withdrawal symptoms that can be quite uncomfortable as you clean the body out of the toxins. It’s usually necessary to have 24/7 assistance during this phase and it lasts between 5-7 days. 

From there, you will start addressing the pyschological reasons for your addiction. This process requires more time as you go through various forms of therapy. Here, you’re going to uncover the reasons addiction developed in the first place. It can often have to do with repressing a trauma that needs to come up so you can release it. You’re essentially taking the reason for abusing drugs away from yourself. Dual diagnosis is a more complex form of addiction where you are diagnosed with a mood disorder and an addiction. There are special programs for this as both issues need to be addressed simultaneously.

Addiction recovery is going to take time and you’ll need a program that works for you. There are many options available. They may include experiential therapies that can be helpful in getting people to feel good again. This can include having canine therapy or perhaps a program that focuses on getting you fit again. There is education as well so you better understand your addiction. This helps you better manage it once you’ve completed rehab. 

You’re going to learn how to communicate and open yourself back up. Many programs are going to include family therapy as it’s really important to have your loved ones supporting you. Rehab is going to address all the reasons for your addiction and helps you to heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Why Choose Treatment?

Studies have found that you have a 60% greater chance of recovering when you go through therapy. Addiction treatment is going to give you a lot of tools so the substance loses control over you. Otherwise, you’re walking blindly with no real idea on how to help yourself when cravings arise. You gain powerful insights about yourself and rebuild your self esteem. Through therapy, you’re going to find a reason to live and to thrive. 

Whatever you’ve experienced as an addict has likely been extremely negative. You’ve probably pushed people away and feel isolated. Entering into treatment will give you a lot of support from peers and professionals. You have the ability to be honest and completely open up about your struggles and thoughts. This is an important part to releasing some of those emotional wounds that have kept you in the addiction cycle. 

The therapy you go through has been proven to work throughout time. You will begin to retrain the mind and bring it back to balance. This allows you to make better choices in the future. Many of the rehab programs today will tailor a program for your needs, making it more effective. There are many methods that can be used so they can find the best options for you. You’re going to learn to manage your emotions and manage the cravings or triggers that come up. This is an important part of your re-education. 

There really is an alternative for everyone. If you can’t take time off work or you don’t have the money for inpatient rehab, there are outpatient programs with more flexibility. If regular outpatient isn’t intense enough to help you, there is also the option of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Sessions are longer and more frequent throughout the week with high-quality treatment.

Addiction treatment is a way to get back your life. It resets everything and you learn a lot to help you on your sobriety journey. 

Addiction Treatment in Minnesota

In 2017, hundreds of Minnesotans died by suicide, alcohol and/or opioids.

In recent years, there have been many alcohol and drug related deaths. Statistics tell us in 2017, there were 636 deaths from alcohol and 422 deaths from opioids. Alcohol related deaths have doubled since the year 2000 and is the most abused substance in the state. When it comes to opioids, the largest contributor in deaths are prescription opioids. Heroin deaths declined while fentanyl deaths increased by 86% from 2016 to 2017.

Minnesota has had a lot of problems with substance abuse, deaths, and addiction throughout the years but there is also a lot of resources to help addicts here.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

When you’re willing to travel for addiction treatment, you’re going to have a lot more options. There are also many benefits to going far from home. You can remove yourself from day to day life and focus solely on your recovery. You won’t be susceptible to the triggers that you experience while at home either. Anonymity is also another important consideration. Sometimes, it’s easier to open up about your feelings to strangers that are going through the same struggles as you are. Some insurance companies will pay travel expenses as well. Traveling for addiction treatment is something to consider.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Minnesota

1. Hazelden Betty Ford in City Center Minnesota

1107 Hazeltine Boulevard, Suite 300

Chaska,  MN

This is really one of the foundations of addiction centers. They began in 1949 developing addiction treatment approaches that are used throughout the world today. It’s known as the Minnesota Model of care. The campus is a lakeside retreat with programs combining expert medical care with twelve-step practices. There are many Betty Ford clinics throughout the world but this is the flagship drug rehab center. They utilize evidence-based treatments and provide compassionate care to all their patients. They offer residential and outpatient programs as well as integrated medical and mental health services. They utilize animals in their program to help patients. Also available is post-treatment support and family education.

2. New Season Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

11939 West River Hills Dr

Burnsville, MN

The Dakota Treatment Centers offer opioid addiction treatment specifically. It’s an outpatient clinic that offers addiction services for a low cost. They have a team of specialists in opioid and utilize the latest research. Each patient will receive a tailor made program that supports their individual recovery. They provide Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), group, family, and individual counseling and outpatient services that work around your schedule.

3. Vinland National Center

Residential Treatment

3675 Ihduhapi Road

Loretto, Minnesota

Outpatient Treatment

675 Stinson Boulevard, Suite 200

Minneapolis, MN

The Vinland National Center opened their doors in 1990 and have since offered substance addiction treatment for those with brain injuries and cognitive impairments. The staff is highly trained and can meet needs of addicts who suffer from substance addiction, mental health disorders, and cognitive impairments. 

Their outpatient program mainly focuses on gambling addiction. This can include substance addiction on top of the gambling addiction in many cases. They provide recovery treatment for both simultaneously. 

4. New Life Treatment Center

130 Dakota Street South

Woodstock, Minnesota

Named the #1 treatment center in Minnesota in 2019 based on client and family reviews, New Life Treatment Center is a good rehab option. Their program is based on the 12-steps. They offer a low client to staff ratio, individual, family, and group counseling. They are able to help patients with co-occurring disorders. They offer spiritual assessment and care, trauma informed care, and client-centered care. It is a 24 hour on-site program.

5. Center for Alcohol and Drug Recovery

1402 East Superior Street

Duluth, MN

The inpatient program offers detox and is also a Pathfinder Unit. They have 24 beds for managing detox. They have 6 beds that are dedicated to opioid-related disorders requiring MAT. This is called Pathfinder. Residential treatment entails staying at their 10-bed residential treatment. This is a gender specific program for men 18 and older. Their program is highly structured and medically supervised. They can take patients with biomedical or mental health issues.

6. New Beginnings Minnesota

New Beginnings at Waverly – Men’s Location

109 N Shore Drive

Waverly, MN


New Beginnings at Waverly – Women’s Location

7300 Estes Avenue SW

Waverly, MN

There are many locations around Minnesota and gender specific programs. Their personal care has helped thousands recover from substance addiction. They offer individualized treatment with the help of clinical professionals. Their counseling for men and women differ because each gender has a different way of thinking. This allows a more detailed program. They also offer continuing care and outpatient treatment. They vow to treat patients with dignity and respect.

There are many quality treatment centers in Minnesota that can help people from all walks of life. The first step is asking for help. You can take a look around on the internet and see that most of the centers offer assessments and personal care before you even commit. There is support and hope for you.

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