Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Maine

The problem of substance addiction has never really gone away. In the last 100 years, there have been all sorts of addiction problems with opioids. Pharmaceutical companies pushed things like Methadone and heroin at the beginning of the century. They then started a massive campaign for opioid prescriptions in the late 1990s. This resulted in the worst addiction epidemic that anyone had ever experienced. Addiction was no longer a “rock bottom” kind of situation. Average working Americans fell victim to addiction thanks to prescription mismanagement.

By the time the government stepped in and pulled the plug on how loosely these prescriptions were being given out, there were already many who had a problem. Addiction comes on suddenly and many didn’t think they had a problem. That simply isn’t how the mind works when addiction takes over. In fact, the brain is essentially rewired and behavioral changes ensue. There was little help for people who had become addicted to opioids in the beginning. Many normal people were looking for their opioid fix on the streets. Drug pushers were selling prescription drugs on the street. Eventually, many people realized that heroin was easier to get and costs less. 

Things were at their worst up to 2018. A decade of addiction development in the US created a vast need for high-quality addiction recovery programs. Scientists did a lot of studies to see what would be the most effective. This is all in an effort to mend a whole nation that was ravaged by the worst addiction problems in history. Thankfully the opioid epidemic has slowed down significantly. However, there are many people still suffering from addictions of all kinds. There is alcoholism, addiction to benzos, cocaine, and meth to name a few. 

There is also all the help you could possibly ever want. Full-spectrum treatment programs ensure that people can get any kind of help they need. You don’t even necessarily have to attend an inpatient rehab program. While this is recommended, there are also high-end IOP that allows you to maintain your daily duties while getting excellent care. 

When you attend a treatment facility, all the proven methods that are based on studies will be utilized. The higher quality facility you choose, the more of these methods will be offered. There are many different methods on offer too. The programs of today can tend to more complex issues as well. Much of the time, addiction is intertwined with mood disorders like anxiety or depression. If you look at the soldiers that came back from the Vietnam war, they had severe PTSD that was never tended to. Many of them would turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the painful experience of a tragic war where young men grew up fast. While not all circumstances are that extreme, people do tend to self-medicate when they can’t find help any other way.

There is a stigma behind addiction that simply isn’t true. People looking from the outside may think that alcohol or drug abuse is under someone’s control. This isn’t true. While a small percentage might be lucky enough to quit ‘cold turkey’ with no support, most people need assistance. They need supervised detox and all the available tools to manage addiction for the long-term. Without the knowledge of what addiction is, uncovering the reasons for your addiction, and moving forward with your life is highly unlikely.

Any addiction therapy program is a process. There’s a lot to work through. It starts with detoxifying the body of the substance. This almost always brings on withdrawal symptoms. These can be anything from mildly uncomfortable to a health risk. This is why professional detox is almost always recommended. Through medicine or holistic means, a treatment facility can help you feel more comfortable during the most acute symptoms. You’re not done there though. Once the body is clean, you can then focus on the psychological reasons for your addiction. There are many different therapies available to help you in the healing and recovery process.

An important part of recovery is having the support of those closest to you. Addiction can often tear family units apart. When you’re recovering, you need the help, compassion, and understanding of the ones you love. So it’s important that the family gets support as well. Through therapy that involves your family, you can mend whatever has broken. This is a highly motivating factor for many addicts as they begin their journey of sobriety.

Why Choose Treatment?

The primary reason for choosing professional addiction treatment is that you can’t do it alone. Addiction is a disease that is not in your control. If you think you can stop the cycle of addiction on your own, you’ll risk the possibility of relapse. You need the tools you gain when you attend a treatment center. These tools make you stronger against the triggers and cravings. If you don’t have an understanding of what addiction is, what chance do you have of managing it? Most of society believes it’s possible to use will power against addiction. This really is not the case. 

There has been a lot of research conducted when it comes to addiction. With this research, they found proven-methods that help patients recover and manage their addictions. You see, addiction never goes away. You can’t ever abuse the substance you were addicted to again. It doesn’t matter if 20 years go by. The minute you reuse, you’ve relapsed and you’re at risk. The methods you learn in rehab are essential in a successful long-term recovery.

There are many different methods and treatments used throughout a rehab program. When you go through admissions, staff will ask you a lot of questions in order to figure out what your needs are. They will build a program that is designed just for you. This is in an effort to make sure you have all the tools you need for your specific lifestyle, story, and personality. There are experiential therapies past traditional therapy. You can swim with dolphins or stay at a ranch and spend time with horses (equine therapy.) 

It’s important that you find the right rehab program for you. This will help you feel more joy and motivation. There are programs for every person with all types of offerings. You can stay at home or get away from it all. Today, more than ever, there is an unlimited amount of options for you. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

The staff at treatment centers are not only knowledgeable, they’re also compassionate and caring. You aren’t going to feel judged as you go along your journey. They know what you’re going through and make you feel like you’re a part of a community. This is really important actually. It’s likely that you’ve isolated yourself from others for quite some time. Rehab asks that you open yourself back up. You will be held as you talk about uncomfortable things and brings up memories that could cause you to become emotional. No matter what you say, nobody is going to turn their back on you. This is a deeply healing part of addiction recovery. You will receive this non-judgmental support from support staff and other patients. 

You’ll take part in not just individual therapy but also group therapy. You will get to listen to other people’s stories and offer them your ear, compassion, and support. You also learn that you are not alone in your struggles. You’ll have a chance to talk through your feelings and thoughts. This is extremely helpful and a big part of the healing process. Talking through your fears and deepest feelings heals you and this means you’re triggered less. Many times, people will abuse substances to run away from uncomfortable emotions. When we look at these emotions, we lessen the need to self medicate. 

There are basic things that will be covered in any rehab program. You will go through talk therapy. It could be one on one or just group therapy, or both. You’ll learn about addiction and be re-educated on how to cope with triggers and cravings. You’ll learn how to communicate and manage emotions as they arise. Family therapy will be incorporated as well. This is important to mend the family unit that has been affected due to addiction. 

Addiction Treatment in Maine

While most states saw a decline in deaths related to opioids in 2019, Maine saw an increase. There was a 12% increase in deaths from illicit drugs, totalling 318. The drugs that caused these deaths include fentanyl, fentanyl analogs, cocaine, and meth. These are potent drugs that are all highly addictive. This is why addiction rehab is so important. Maine has a variety of options for any kind of addiction. No matter what type of program you’re looking for, you can find the right one for you in the state of Maine. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

There are many instances where you may have to travel for addiction treatment. The case may be that what you need simply isn’t in your neighborhood. If you’re not sure about traveling for treatment, there are a few things you should know. It can actually be a blessing to get away from it all. You’re able to focus on your recovery without any distractions. As nothing is familiar, there are fewer triggers. You meet new people and the new environment could just be the change you need. Sometimes, getting away from home for recovery is the best thing you can do for yourself.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Maine

1. Liberty Bay Recovery

343 Forest Ave,

Portland, ME

Liberty  Bay offers high-quality personalized treatment for all patients with their compassionate staff. Their rehab programs are scientifically proven based on methods that work. They use the approach of the whole person, including physical, psychological, and social aspects of drug use and recovery. They offer detox, inpatient rehab, IOP, and aftercare.

2. Pine Tree Recovery Center

17 Bishop Street

Portland, Maine

Pine Tree Recovery offers holistic recovery treatment with a multi-pronged approach. They offer both detox and an outpatient program. As opposed to “locking” patients into a facility, they offer their home-style treatment that incorporates medical care. The team includes doctors and nursing staff that are experts in detox. This program has been highly effective thanks to some of the top addiction recovery professionals that developed it. 

3. South Portland Discovery House

400 Western Ave

South Portland, ME

The Discovery House is part of a group of treatment centers in Maine. They are methadone and Suboxone clinics that offer medication-assisted therapy (MAT) and counseling services. This is an all-inclusive treatment that offers patients support, tools, and education. You’ll have the opportunity to move through the emotional and physical reasons behind addictive behaviors. For those with opioid addictions, this is a great service. 

4. Recovery Maine Inc.

33 Main Street, 

North Berwick, ME

Recover Maine offers state-licensed housing known as Restoration House. It’s conveniently located in the heart of North Berwick. The setting is cozy and allows residents to focus on their recovery. There is an on-site manager that monitors the location 24 hours/7 days a week. There is random drug testing as this is a substance free campus and there is a zero tolerance policy.

They also carry out an outpatient program. They offer group and individual therapy. Treatments they offer are all evidence-based. This includes:

  • Motivational interviewing
  • Seeking safety
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • DSAT

5. Greener Pastures Recovery

Portland, ME

The Greener Pastures Program is an at-home addiction recovery program that is holistic. It utilizes PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy,) mindfulness, empowerment and community. They utilize philosophy, coaching on an individual basis, and peer support groups. The treatment plans will include sessions with your coach and a personal case manager. Here are some of the treatments you will likely be offered. 

  • occupational therapy
  • harm-reduction coaching
  • somatic-based meditation
  • internal family systems work
  • recreational program
  • nutritional coaching
  • anger management
  • mindfulness-based relapse prevention
  • mindfulness-based living skills
  • yoga
  • experiential therapies
  • mind-body work
  • life skills coaching
  • horticultural therapy
  • holistic life coaching
  • health & wellness coaching
  • art workshops
  • music workshop
  • poetry
  • journaling
  • intensive writing workshop

6. Mid Coast Health

66 Baribeau Drive

Brunswick, Maine

20 Bristol Road

Damariscotta, Maine

There are two locations for the Mid Coast Health addiction facilities. They are called the Addiction Resource Center (ARC). They offer high-quality addiction recovery treatment and have a proven track record of a successful program. Their staff is caring, compassionate and highly knowledgeable. They offer individualized treatment planning and walk-ins are welcome. While they might not offer an inpatient program, it’s likely they would refer you and at least get you started on your recovery journey.

There are many reasons you should consider addiction recovery if you have a problem with a substance. Getting your life back on track as you leave the negative patterns and behaviors isn’t always easy but it is 100% worth it.

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