Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Louisiana

Addiction has worsened throughout the world and in the US. It’s no longer just an issue with illicit drugs. The opioid epidemic wreaked havoc in most states across America. The main problem boiled down to prescription drugs. This led to normal people becoming dependent on painkillers. While opioids got a lot of attention, there were also addictive prescriptions that were helping people manage anxiety or depression. In today’s world, there are just more addictive drugs available sadly. This has made it a problem for everyone and not just the junkies who hit rock bottom.

With so many scientific studies, there is a lot more we know about addiction now. We know it’s a disease that some people are predisposed to because of genetics. A person’s environment, a traumatic experience, or mental disorders can also promote the abuse of substances that leads to addiction eventually. Our mental wellness wasn’t tended to by the medical field and this has led to many issues like addiction. When you go to rehab, you will learn all about wellness in your emotional and mental state. 

It’s hard for people to recognize that they’re forming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The brain wants to continue getting the substance it now relies on. It will work against you to ensure you continue using it. This is why addicts do everything they can to obtain their substance of choice. Stress in today’s world doesn’t help either. As life moves quickly, there are many people who feel overwhelmed and anxious. While a healthy lifestyle with exercise and meditation could help many, the doctor just writes a prescription for a mood-enhancing drug. These drugs can quickly create psychological and physical dependency. 

As many problems have developed with addiction, solutions have also become available. There are a lot of different kinds of programs. You can stay at a residence for a period of 28 days or more. These are known as inpatient programs. There is also the option to go into a program that allows you to stay at home while you attend sessions for addiction recovery. There are outpatient and intensive outpatient options. Once rehab is complete, you may also wish to take part in an aftercare program. This might involve sober living, where you stay at a residence with like-minded recovering addicts.

Recovery from addiction is serious and it’s really not something you can do on your own. If you’ve tried in the past and didn’t succeed, you already know that you have no control. The tools you need are there, you just have to access them. This is best done through rehab and through daily education and practice, it becomes much easier to manage a sober life. In fact, you’re probably going to find that life is actually better. 

The whole process of any treatment program will begin with detox. This is the process of getting the substance out of your body. When you go to the inpatient detox, your vitals are monitored throughout. They may offer medically-assisted detox (MAT) where you get medication to slowly wean yourself off the substance. This might be the safest alternative depending on the substance and severity of the addiction. There is also holistic detox to help you with the withdrawal symptoms.

You might think that detox is enough but it’s also necessary to understand why addiction formed for you in the first place. Through the rehab portion of recovery, you get a lot of education and tools on how to manage your addiction. You also get introduced to concepts that help change your mindset about the substance you were addicted to. You take part in different therapies and activities. Everything promotes a better you once recovery is done. You may find a new passion that replaces negative behaviors.

Addiction therapy is a process. It’s not easy but it is rewarding. A program is going to give you constant support through the rough times. When you have people who understand what you’re going through and don’t judge you, it makes it easier to deal with. Your emotional state is going to be up and down as you learn new things and start living life without substances. 

Family therapy is something to mention here as well. It’s considered an important part of the recovery journey. It’s likely that your family members or loved one has suffered at the hands of your addiction. It’s important that they get support and also talk to professionals so they understand what’s going on with you. When the family can be mended and brought together, it helps you to want to get better and stay sober. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Thinking you can stop abusing a substance on your own and sticking with it will keep you in the cycle of addiction. Your chances of recovery are much higher when you get professional help. You probably don’t really understand what addiction is so how can you stop it? Society thinks you can control addiction behaviors through self-control and will power. Did you know that some substances are dangerous to quit “cold turkey?” 

Research has uncovered the reasons behind addiction. Science has found methods that work in the addiction recovery field. These methods are used in your personal recovery at treatment centers in Louisiana.

Addiction is a serious medical problem and much of the stigma attached to it is false. Society thinks if you have enough will power, you can just stop. Enough research has been conducted to dispute this. We now know the reasons behind addiction and have also found solutions to managing it. There are many different methods and treatments now utilized to help people from all walks of life with varying addictions. The best place to find these methods are going to be in an addiction recovery program. There are addiction specialists that can show you how to change your mindset and behaviors. They are going to help you with the process of managing your addiction for the long term.

Treatments know what a patient needs because of the proven success rates. The methods you learn are tried and true in the addiction recovery field. While there’s plenty of science to support your recovery, there is also a level of compassion you’ll receive. Treatment center staff understand your situation and are there to offer you a safe place to heal. You’re going to get personalized treatment with some programs. Through an assessment, clinicians will learn more about you and create a program fit for you.

A really important part of any recovery is support and the more, the better. When you enter into a program, you’ll have the opportunity to bond with others. These people may be far along in their addiction recovery or just beginning. Chances are, you’re going to find a few people you can relate to in a treatment center. You become a part of a community and maybe for the first time in a long time, you don’t feel isolated. This can help you to open up. There are group therapy sessions where you’ll be urged to talk about yourself. The counselors and attendees alike will support you no matter what you have to say. Your deepest pains can be processed in these meetings and you’ll have people that aren’t afraid to give you a big hug just when you need it. The community of people will help you to open your heart and heal the pain inside. 

However many days of rehab you attend, there will be certain protocols and issues to address. You’re going to receive education on how to change your behaviors, manage triggers, and avoid relapse. The tools you learn are valuable for a long term recovery. The more you use them, the less addiction will have a hold on you. 

Addiction Treatment in Louisiana

A recent report found that Louisiana had declined numbers when it comes to addiction. This is great news of course but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still suffering. In 2018, there were still 989 drug overdose deaths involving opioids. This is still a rate of 23.4% while in 2017, it was a rate of 27.9%. In 2018, 315 residents of Louisiana died from prescription opioid-related deaths. There were also 267 people who died from a heroin overdose. The news isn’t great when it comes to alcohol abuse. Local news in Louisiana found that this state had the highest percentage of binge drinking in the US.

There is help in Louisiana for people abusing alcohol or drugs. There are many programs that fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality inpatient rehab or an outpatient rehab for plenty of flexibility, there is a treatment for you. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

If you’ve found the right treatment program but it’s far from where you live, don’t feel disheartened. Sometimes, traveling for addiction treatment is the best choice you can make. You get away from it all and that means the triggers that usually cause you to use. You can focus on your recovery journey and nothing else. There’s something to be said about being anonymous as well. Your insurance coverage for addiction treatment may include travel as well.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Louisiana

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

1. LongBranch Healthcare

Outpatient Facility

Metairie, LA 

Inpatient Facility

Abita Springs, LA

Longbranch Healthcare offers various substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatments. They strive to educate and also offer experiential therapies designed for your long-term recovery. They address the whole person, which includes the mind, body, spirit, and family. This is done through the use of many different evidence-based modalities. 

They offer a Residential Inpatient program that incorporates counseling with doctor-managed care for both addiction and co-occurring disorders. They use a holistic, integrative approach and offer compassionate care. There is a 6:1 staff to client ratio. Each patient will receive their own individualized programming.

They offer an Intensive Outpatient Program where they use many therapeutic modalities to offer patients comprehensive treatments. It involves weekly group therapy, one on one therapy, physician-assisted care, and family programming.

2. Woodlake Center

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

10473 Old Hammond Hwy

Baton Rouge, LA

This program focuses on the disease concept with the knowledge that addiction affects the whole self. So physically, psychological, and spiritual healing is the focus. The program is for those who are new to recovery and have already gone through the inpatient program with Woodlake Center. Individual needs are met here and clients take part in the high-quality recovery process while having the flexibility to maintain their lives. 

Treatment is semi-structured and offers guidance through group psychotherapy. As a patient, you get assignments to take control and address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual shortcomings that have played a part in your addiction. Group session topics include:

  • The Disease Concept
  • Family Dynamics
  • The 12 Steps of Recovery
  • Spirituality
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Ongoing Recovery and integration into daily life.

3. Edgefield Recovery Center

Inpatient Rehab

10627 US 71

Cheneyville, Louisiana

Outpatient Services

2230 South MacArthur Drive

Suite 4

Alexandria, Louisiana

The ERC is a 30-bed addiction treatment center. They offer treatment for those who have a co-occurring diagnosis. They offer rehab services and extended residential care. They offer a lot of services such as:

  • Sub-acute medically supported detox,
  • Residential rehab
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)

There is the ERC Recovery Center as well. There are many treatment options here and while you can take part in the residential treatment, they also offer outpatient programs. They offer substance abuse evaluations and education as well.

4. Victory Addiction Recovery Center

111 Liberty Avenue

Lafayette, LA

Inpatient, IOP, and aftercare

The Victory Addiction Recovery Center offers high-quality treatment with affordable pricing. They have a very experienced team of medical and clinical professionals in the addiction field. Their programs incorporate family inclusion, which starts right at admissions and continues throughout. As you get to the end of your residential program, the teams will work with you to provide further care for your entire family. You can also have access to the online-based relapse prevention program after rehab. You can use it for up to a year after you’ve completed rehab.

5. St. Christopher’s

150 Cora Drive

Baton Rouge, LA

This is a premier treatment program that embodies the core of the South. This means strong connections with the people you love and the beauty that surrounds you. They have many services to help you in their full spectrum facility. This includes:

  • Detox services
  • Residential treatment
  • Extended phase options
  • Recovery home
  • Sober living apartments
  • Aftercare services
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Family programming

They make the choice between recovery and education out of the equation through HEROES This is an education encouragement program that helps patients and alumni achieve goals and feel the motivation to create a new life.

6. Townsend Addiction and Recovery

5620 Read Blvd. 

New Orleans, LA

There are many facilities under the Townsend name with the latest one opening in New Orleans Here, they offer full-service integrated care through their residential program. They offer an intimate environment and 24/7 monitoring by a nurse. You’re getting individualized care as well so every program is unique to the patient. The medical director is a psychiatrist and they treat co-occurring disorders. They offer travel for those who need it. You go through both group and one on one therapy. Your family is welcome to take part in the weekly family program.

7. Palmetto Addiction Recovery

86 Palmetto Road, 

Rayville, Louisiana

This addiction recovery facility has been around for over half of a century. They have welcomed patients from all over the US. They have a beautiful, inspiring campus with six outpatient centers. They have consistently helped people recover from addiction by offering high-quality treatment. They have earned their reputation for excellence. Their team makes it a point to welcome patients with empathy and respect. They get to know you on a personal level, which helps them create the kind of program you need. They offer comfortable amenities so you feel welcome and at home. There are various levels of care for patients who need detox, specialized approaches, or outpatient rehab.

Help is available in all shapes and sizes if you need it in Louisiana. They have every kind of program you can imagine. Whatever your needs are, they can be met. Your insurance coverage may cover 100% of the costs. The government and community have ensured that you can get help no matter what your situation is.

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