Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Kansas

The problem in the US with addiction has grown over time. While the opioid epidemic is retreating after years of massive increases of abuse and addiction, there are still issues. Alcohol, meth, and other addictive substances are still being abused. Addiction was previously thought of as something criminal or deviant. With a lot more knowledge today, we know that addiction is a disease. It may be caused by genetics, environment, trauma, mental disorders, or other medical reasons. Anyone can become addicted to substances and some people are more prone to it than others. 

There is more stress than ever. Life is moving quickly and there are a lot of people who are overwhelmed with life. Mood-enhancing medications are given to hard-working men and women to help them manage their true emotions. These can easily become a psychological and physical addiction. It’s not just heavy street drugs that ruin people’s lives. They are just as addictive as things you’ll find on the street to be used recreationally. 

This all sounds pretty bleak but the good news is that addiction recovery has kept up. Science has found many new ways people can recover from their addiction and manage it for the long-term. There are many programs that cover people’s needs. Maybe you don’t have time to attend a traditional inpatient program. There are many options for any style of program you want to take part in. They come in various qualities and costs. 

You may think you can manage addiction recovery on your own. You may have tried to stop on your own in the past. Maybe you lasted a few days before relapsing. When you take part in a program, you will have experts looking over you. Starting with detox, they will monitor your vitals and ensure you’re comfortable. MAT (medically-assisted detox) involves the use of medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms that come from abstaining through detox. There are holistic measures as well. It’s ideal if you can be in a clinic setting 24/7 while going through detox. 

Detox isn’t usually enough though. There is still more help you can receive and it’s equally as important. Once you’ve gotten past the physical dependency, there’s more to learn. There is a process that involves treatment (therapy and re-education), this is rehab. You will speak with counselors and talk with others in a group setting. This talk therapy has been found to be extremely valuable as you begin to uncover reasons you abused substances in the first place. 

Going through a program allows you to have constant support while you go through the first stages of sobriety. It’s a lot easier to manage the ebb and flow of your emotional state when you have people around you there to help. You learn valuable tools to help you get past uncomfortable feelings and negative thoughts. Through a program, you will be introduced to many new concepts and have the opportunity to hash out underlying issues that caused you to abuse substances. 

There are a variety of options available to you. It’s recommended that you start with an inpatient rehab program. This is because they offer the highest quality treatments and you immerse in a program for multiple weeks. Getting away from everything to focus on your recovery is a powerful experience. Many of these residential inpatient programs last for 28 days but some may last longer. Not everyone has time to attend inpatient rehab, which is why there are alternatives. There is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which has similar treatment to inpatient rehab. They have intensive sessions and treatments but you can still go to work or school. They work around your schedule and because you’re not staying in a residence, the costs are less. 

You can expect an addiction program to offer you full-spectrum service. What we mean by that there are many different methods of treating addiction. You will receive a lot of different treatments. This can include holistic and medical treatments. Experiential therapy has also helped people. If you’re soothed by animals, some programs have equine or canine therapy. There is art therapy or you may just find that going to a gym helps to stave off cravings and makes you feel better. Everyone is different and that’s why there are hundreds of services to help every individual through addiction recovery.

It should be mentioned that family therapy is often part of recovery. Family and loved ones are important in your long term sobriety. There may have been some hurt due to addiction in the household. This will be talked about and your family will have the opportunity to also heal. They will also learn more about your addiction and come to understand a few things about it. Having their understanding and support can bring miraculous change. All of this is done through a highly trained counselor, helping you to communicate properly and become a tight family unit again. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Addiction is a serious medical issue. With the stigma attached to it, most of society believes it’s something you can control. Science says differently. Research has uncovered the reasons behind addiction. This has also helped find methods to overcome addictive behaviors. These methods can be found commonly within an addiction recovery program. Professionals and experts in the addiction field help addicts manage this disease in treatment centers. 

The treatment of today isn’t a guessing game. It has been proven to work and is continuously utilized to help patients regain their lives. There is a lot of science behind the methods but you can also expect compassion. This is an important thing for recovering addicts. To be accepted and welcomed in. You’ll get this at recovery centers. The treatment you get is meant to directly help with symptoms of addiction of which there are many. Experts in the addiction field know that everyone is different. This is why there are so many different forms of recovery. 

By attending treatment, you become part of a community. You get to know people you can relate to. They have been going through similar struggles and completely understand your situation. You will come to feel safe talking to them about your deepest feelings because you know they won’t judge. This is extremely healing and when you have a community like this, you’ll feel less prone to relapse. You gain the support you need and when you have weak moments, you can call upon people in the community you’ve built. You are going to feel like part of a big family instead of that feeling of isolation you likely experienced prior to addiction recovery.

Through the many days of rehab, you will learn tools that help you once you’re back to your normal life. These tools help you to manage any of the triggers that come up, which would usually cause you to abuse drugs or alcohol. You will also learn how to curb cravings. These tools are valuable because the more you utilize them, the less your substance of abuse has over you. They help you to take a moment and think about how you’re feeling and what you’re doing. Every time you make the decision to do the right thing for yourself, your confidence will grow. 

There are so many variables when it comes to addiction recovery. You have a lot of options. Maybe you want to do inpatient rehab where you stay on campus the whole time. Maybe you want to partake in outpatient or something in the middle like an Intensive Outpatient Program. Even within these programs, there are different treatment options. You can find what suits your needs best. There will also be activities you can choose from. It could be anything from sea kayaking to art therapy. Anything that brings you joy beyond addiction is worth trying as you build your new life. Addiction recovery is all about finding hope and replacing bad behaviors and actions with good ones. 

Treatment centers want to know all about you before you start their program. This is because they can determine what kind of therapies you need. Many treatment centers in Kansas will tailor your whole program based on what they find out in an initial assessment. You will have therapy sessions and activities geared towards what needs healing within you. The clinicians are experts in the addiction field so your programs are accurate. 

Addiction Treatment in Kansas

Kansas actually looks very good when it comes to drug addiction. They are rated 49 out of 50, making them the second least problematic state in the US for abuse of drugs. It’s a bit of a different story when it comes to excessive drinking in Kansas however. Studies have found recently that 18% of adults from the age of 18-22 are drinking excessively. We often don’t believe alcohol is a major problem because it’s legal. Also, when you’re young and in college, it seems fine to binge drink. However, this can eventually become a major problem if a college attendee has a predisposition to addiction based on genetics. 

The good news is that there is help for those who need it in Kansas. They offer a variety of addiction recovery programs. This includes inpatient and outpatient programs.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

You may find that there’s a perfect treatment center but it’s not close to where you’re living. Don’t be discouraged or give up on the idea of attending that particular center. There are quite a few advantages to attending a program far from home. Firstly, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on your journey. You won’t experience any of the distractions that exist at home. You just focus on your own healing. 

You also get away from day to day triggers that may have caused you to use in the past. You will meet new people and experience new scenery, which can help you generally feel more hope for life. The anonymity aspect can’t be overlooked either. As you dive into therapy sessions, you’re free to say whatever you want. You’re a stranger and can speak freely. This is an important part of your journey. Another good thing is that your insurance provider may even cover travel expenses.  

The Best Drug Rehabs in Kansas

1. Midwest Recovery Centers

13340 Holmes Rd 

Kansas City, MO

Programs at Midwest Recovery Centers are full-spectrum PHP programs, offering you treatment, education, counseling, and family support. They offer what’s called a Multi-Phasal Transitional Recovery. They have an environment that encourages transformation to a better way of being. While you’re admitted into clinical services, you will live in a structured sober living home. They are supervised by staff around the clock. 

You get to leave the housing and pick up groceries. You get a weekly allowance provided from your personal expense budget. You attend 12-step meetings in Kansas and you’re encouraged to “help around the house” with daily chores. This is meant to give you a sense of responsibility and teach you about teamwork. 

2. Valley Hope


1816 N 2nd St

Atchison, KS


200 S Avenue B Ave

Moundridge, KS

Inpatient and IOP

709 West Holme St

Norton, Kansas


10114 W 105th St.

Overland Park, KS


901 W Douglas Ave

Wichita, KS

As you can see, there are many different facilities you can visit under the Valley Hope name. They offer residential and IOP. They blend 12-step with proven clinical methods. The team is client-focused with a compassionate nature. The living environment is comfortable and supports healing holistically. Each program is customized to the patient’s individual needs and will address physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health needs. This is to promote long term sobriety. The following services include:

  • Inpatient medical detox.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).
  • Evidence-based therapies, milieu therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy.
  • Master’s Level, Licensed Clinicians.
  • Over 40 hours per week of individual counseling, 12 step sessions, and group therapy.
  • Discharge planning and return to work assistance
  • Outdoor and indoor recreational activities
  • Family Care

3. Sunflower Wellness Retreat

29875 W 339th Street

Osawatomie, KS

This wellness retreat center is a premier substance rehab center. They offer full and comprehensive addiction services. Their campus is on 12 acres in the countryside, which is very serene and a great environment to heal and recover. There are residential programs as well as PHP. Following services include:

  • Individualized care and personalized treatment plans.
  • Weekly group and individual sessions.
  • Daily clinical classes.
  • Space and time for meditation, expressive art, and physical fitness activities.
  • Group activities, family activities, and peer mentoring.
  • A fitness center.
  • The option of attending church on Sundays.

4. Holland Pathways

551 South Holland St. 

Wichita, KS

Holland Pathways offers a 64-bed campus. They specialize in intensive, trauma-response treatment that supports all individuals throughout their recovery. They offer detox to start off with. You can then move onto residential treatment, PHP, outpatient, or IOP. There is also private sobriety coaching you can take part in.

5. Mirror

118 W Steadman

Anthony, KS

601 Utah

Hiawatha, KS

510 Kansas

Holton, KS

115 E 4th

Hutchinson, KS

3205 Clinton Pkwy Court

Lawrence, KS

Mirror offers a few different programs. For those who don’t need a high level of care and constant monitoring, there are outpatient programs. Their programs are structured and allow you to devote all your time to recovery. They offer a reintegration program to help you go back into society with confidence. The aftercare program provided by Mirror is for those who have gone through some form of rehab whether it’s outpatient or inpatient. They also do training, consultation, and guidance to both families and communities. 

6. Midwest Institute for Addiction

800 E 101st Terrace, Suite 350
Kansas City, MO

MIA likes to take a holistic, person-centered model for treating patients. They offer a nurturing environment with their compassionate staff. You’ll go through a lot of wellness practices during recovery here. They offer medical detox, pain management, and medical care. The treatment times are unlimited. They want you to stay until you’ve achieved the goals you need to in order to stay sober. There is a flexible schedule available so you can get treatment while still maintaining your lifestyle. They offer IOP and PHP.

Kansas has a good few options for addiction recovery. You just have to find what works for you. We recommend you look for yourself as well. You can go through your insurance provider to find out what rehab programs are covered. Alternatively, you can go through the rehab clinic you are thinking of going to and let them do the paperwork for you. The most important thing is you get the help you need. 

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