Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Iowa

Addiction is the US has seen some highs over the past decade. The opioid epidemic affected all states and people from all walks of life. The addiction started to be less of a “junkie” problem and more of a widespread issue. This has brought on further research and high levels of treatment. This means that when someone chooses to get the help they need now, they will have the best treatment available. Addiction treatment centers in Iowa offer many different options as well. So even if you’re unable to stop working, you can still get the help you need. Most of the centers are going to offer you a totally individualized program. This means you focus on treatments that will work for your situation.

Many addicts would like to believe they can overcome addiction on their own, or with the help of loved ones. This is usually not the case and it puts a great deal of strain on those who are helping you out. Professionals in the addiction field have studied the nature of addiction and understand what’s happening with you. They know how to get through to patients through proven methods in the addiction field. Counting on loved ones who don’t have the tools to help you just hurts everyone involved. The outcome is usually not positive and despite everyone’s efforts and good intentions, you will likely start using again. 

For those who aren’t 100% if they are addicted to a substance, there are tests online to give you a clearer answer. If you’ve found a rehabilitation center online, you can check to see if they have a free assessment as well. They are also always available to take your call. 

You have a number of options when it comes to programs. There are residential rehab programs where you stay in a residence and remain on campus for usually 28 days. Some programs can go for longer. If you don’t have the time it takes for this, there are Intensive Outpatient Programs, also known as IOP. They offer high-quality treatment like you’d receive at an inpatient rehab but therapy is worked around your schedule. As you’ll be staying at home, it costs less than inpatient as well. 

Programs are going to offer a full spectrum service. They don’t just put you through one part of the recovery process and leave you hanging. You’ll start with detox, which occurs in-house. This is so you can be monitored throughout the process. When things get too uncomfortable, clinicians can provide you with holistic or medically-assisted treatment. This helps to ease discomfort from withdrawal symptoms. Detox usually takes up to 7 days. 

Once you’ve successfully abstained and the substance is out of the body, you’re ready to move on to rehab. This will involve various kinds of therapy that is designed to help you recover successfully. You are educated on addiction and what it actually is and learn how to manage it. You will be given nutritious food and will have the avenues to improve your mental and physical health through healthy activities. This could be yoga, walks outside, meditation, team sports, art therapy, and more. 

Another important aspect of addiction recovery is the healing of the family. This is why family therapy is quite often incorporated into your program. It’s important for you to mend relationships with loved ones. Also, they need to understand what you’ve been going through to truly be there for you. Family therapy will allow you to communicate in a controlled environment that helps you to all break through the pain and come back together. 

Inpatient rehab programs are known to offer the most high-quality services for an addict. They are fully immersive and you’ll be spending hours per day working through things. Being that these programs involve you staying in a residence for at least one month, it might not work for you. There is a program for anyone and if you can’t go into inpatient rehab, there’s always Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Why Choose Treatment?

Addiction is a real illness. While some have believed in the past that it’s possible to control how much you use or drink, when addiction occurs, you’ve lost control. Treatment has been developed in an effort to combat the symptoms of addiction. The methods used in addiction rehab have been proven to work in the medical industry. It’s been found that when patients get treatment for addiction, they are up to 60% more likely to succeed. Treatment breaks through the reasons you have abused substances. This understanding can free you from the chains of addiction and allow you to move forward in your life. 

During treatment, you’re going to develop a community of people that support and care about you. This is really important when it comes to recovery. You are no longer alone in your struggles and you have people you can turn to. You are able to talk about your feelings instead of keeping them inside. The support you get from others allows you to heal and feel safe doing so.

The tools you receive are going to help you once you leave rehab. You’ll know how to manage the triggers and cravings that come up. Everyone has their own way of dealing with these issues, which is why you’ll be introduced to many tools while at a treatment center. The tools are going to make you stronger against the substance that once had total control over you. You’ll know how to replace negative behaviors with positive ones. You’ll gain more confidence and your quality of life will exceed your expectations. 

Every treatment center is a little bit different. This means you’ll be doing different therapies. You’ll learn new things and you might even really like it. This is in an effort to replace old habits with new ones. Finding hobbies and new passions is just one more way that a treatment center will transform your life. There will be different forms of talk therapy and experiential therapy that will help as well. As each person is different, there are many different ways to heal and improve one’s life. 

Usually, a treatment center will start you off with an assessment. These are little details about your life that gives the clinic insight into your needs. They can then create a program that is targeted to your recovery based on individual needs. You’ll have a lot of support, go through a re-education process so you’re well informed on what addiction actually is. You’ll leave with tools that help you manage a life of sobriety. 

Addiction Treatment in Iowa

The Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy released news on meth and Iowa residents. In 2019, they found that meth use was at an all-time high. While Iowa is quite low on the list of problematic states for substance addiction, there are still problems. Alcohol-related deaths are quite high and there is binge drinking that is above the national average. Meth is being smuggled into Iowa in large quantities. At the same time, there are the highest levels of psychostimulant-related death. This is the highest amount of meth use disorder treatment admissions that have been seen. Also, there have been many arrests and imprisonment related to meth. 

These problems in Iowa have created the need for addiction treatment centers in Iowa. There has never been more help or more hope for those suffering because of addiction. Programs of all kinds can help those who need it. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

If you’ve found a treatment center you like but it’s far from where you live, don’t disregard it as an option. There are actually a lot of benefits to traveling for addiction treatment. You can better focus on your recovery because there are no distractions. You will also be anonymous, which is very helpful. It’s easier to open up to strangers going through the same battle and they become your support system. You are also getting away from all the triggers that would cause you to use during the most vulnerable time of your recovery. You can get away from it all. It may not even cost you anything. Your insurance company may cover travel costs. 

The Best Drug Rehabs in Iowa

1. St Gregory Recovery Center

601 2nd Street

Bayard, Iowa

This is an Inpatient faith-based program. They do things in a unique way at this recovery center. They use the latest brain functioning research to help addicts handle depression, anxiety, and stress. They teach patients to understand their emotions and how they can be managed. Their programs are based on science and research and are one of the most advanced evidence-based rehabs in the US. They focus on empowerment-based recovery methods.

2. Cedar Rapids

5005 Bowling St SW, Suite C, 

Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids is primarily a methadone and Suboxone clinic but it’s more comprehensive than that. They offer MAT as well as counseling services. You can receive daily treatments of MAT that help to stave withdrawal symptoms off. This is an opioid-based recovery clinic so they focus solely on that. For those going through counseling as well, this clinic offers an essential service. MAT allows addicts of opioids to maintain stability and focus on recovery. They offer therapeutic modalities as well, which helps patients uncover the reasons for their addiction. 

3. Mercy Cedar Rapids

701 10th St. SE

Cedar Rapids, IA

This outpatient center helps patients and their families with medical care and human compassion. This is necessary when going through recovery. You get the care that is scientifically proven to help patients with the illness of addiction. You also get a compassionate staff. They call it The Mercy Touch®. Their Family Caring Group is free of charge. For over three decades, they have been helping adults and adolescents with substance use disorders. You are getting high-quality treatment and support but you’re also able to keep up with daily responsibilities. 

4. Clearview Recovery

501 N. Sherman, 

Prairie City, IA

This is a gender-specific program dedicates to helping women overcome substance abuse and addiction. They focus on empowering women and offering them an individualized program. Clearview Recovery is built on the foundation of trust, empathy, and respect. 

Some notable components of their program include: 

  • Assertiveness Training
  • Parenting
  • Anger management
  • Awareness of Co-occurring Issues
  • Education
  • Health and Case Management

There are different types of programs offering women flexibility when it comes to levels of care and the length of the stay. There are both traditional treatment and additional segments that are geared towards the needs of women. They encourage family participation and frequent attendance in 12-step groups. 

5. The Abbey Center

The Abbey Center has been open since 2008 and is one of the country’s leading treatment centers for addiction. They offer compassionate care, designed to help clients with their well being. They use the most effective protocols based on evidence. They are equipped to address co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and trauma. This of course mixed in with a substance abuse disorder.

They like to word things differently because they view addiction differently. They prefer to state that they offer “Addiction and Mental Health Treatment” as this goes more in alignment with the care you’ll get. The Abbey is licensed in Idaho to give full spectrum services. This includes Outpatient. Intensive Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization, and High-Intensity Residential. They have many services, from the lowest level of outpatient to the highest intensity of residential care. Just a note here, the campus is absolutely stunning.

6. Rosecrance Outpatient Center

Paul Revere Square, 

2322 East Kimberly Road, 

Suite 200 North, 

Davenport, IA 

This outpatient center offers adult programs and adolescent programs as well. Their programs are researched-based, developed by experts in all aspects of addiction. They are proud to have an association with the Prevention Research Institute. They use the PRIME for Life program to help educate patients. 

Their services include:

  • OWI Evaluations
  • Iowa Course for Drinking Drivers Education
  • Substance Misuse Program
  • Adult Extended Outpatient Treatment
  • Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Adult Continuing Care

7. Manning Regional Healthcare Center

1550 6th Street 

Manning, Iowa

Within the Manning Regional Healthcare Centers is a recovery center. It includes a 16-bed inpatient facility. They are licensed to help adult levels of all kinds as well as some juvenile services. This recovery center provides clinical and medical services to serve many different treatment needs. Many insurance companies recognize this particular facility for its residential and outpatient programs.

There are some highly regarded addiction treatment centers in Iowa. No matter what your addiction looks like and what you’re looking for, you can find what you need in Iowa. The most important thing is starting the journey and getting that help you need. Why not today?

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