Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Indiana

Addiction is something that has hit all states in the US. Many people have been affected in one way or another. We used to look at addiction with a lot of judgment as it held the stigma of a “rock bottom” junkie. We know this isn’t the truth any longer. The opioid epidemic found the average Joe in the throes of extreme addiction, which can be blamed on big Pharma and loose laws around prescription medications. Today, there are addicts suffering from prescription medication addiction and dependence on illicit drugs. Alcoholism also plays its part. 

This is why there are so many rehab centers and the quality has only improved along with the demand. The government has even recognized that every person in the US should be covered for addiction recovery. This is why insurance providers must, by law, offer coverage of some kind. More scientific studies have been funded in order to find out the best methods for people to overcome addiction. There are also experiential therapies that help every kind of person. You need only seek out an addiction program that is right for you.

Addiction treatment centers will offer various kinds of programs. Within each program, there will be various treatments. Some will be inpatient rehab programs where you stay in a residential setting. Your days in a program like this will be filled with various therapies and sessions all designed to help reset the mind and move towards a more positive way of being. 

Addiction programs could be based on religion, the 12-steps, or something different. There are holistic means as well as medically-assisted therapy (MAT). MAT is the use of prescription drugs to help minimize discomfort from withdrawal symptoms. In the case of alcoholism, benzodiazepine may be used to avoid dangerous side effects of withdrawal such as delirium tremens.

Some might believe that once detox is complete, it’s fine to go forward with your life. This isn’t true in most cases. It’s important to find out what the underlying reasons were for an addiction forming in the first place. This takes longer than the physical dependency. It takes a lot of commitment and willingness to experience some emotional pain in order to come through to the other side. 

It’s important to heal emotional wounds so you’re not vulnerable to using it again. During this phase, you’ll be talking with counselors one on one and also in group therapy. You will meet people that understand your journey. You will no longer feel a sense of isolation as you begin to open up and heal.

A common concern for those looking to go to addiction rehab is the money it may cost. There are programs of all kinds. Some are free while others are low-cost or sliding scale based on how much you earn. Your insurance may cover high-quality inpatient rehab. There is a solution regardless of how much money you have. Time commitments are also a factor. This is why outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are available. They can work around your schedule.

We never suggest you attempt to detox at home. While there are kits you can buy at the pharmacy, these haven’t been proven to work in studies. It’s important that your vitals are monitored while your body fights through withdrawal symptoms. It is just too easy to relapse if you’re not in a professional detox setting. The cravings and withdrawal symptoms are often too much to take. If you make it a few days without using the substance and you relapse, you put yourself at high risk of an overdose. The body will lose tolerance over a few days and this makes you more vulnerable to the substance than you were before.

Any reputable addiction treatment center is also going to incorporate your family and loved ones. This is because it’s been found that having support in the household can greatly increase the chances of long-term sobriety. Your family may not understand what you’re going through and this lack of understanding can cause a divide. There is a lot of trauma and “shutting down” of emotions that occurs when someone in the household has an addiction. This takes time to heal. There is support for your family, where they can discuss their own pain and concerns. There is also family therapy that should be incorporated into your recovery. Bringing understanding and shining a light on love in a family dynamic is essential for healing. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Addiction is extremely complex and requires help from professionals that understand this disease inside and out. When you’re stuck in the middle of an addiction, it’s hard for you to acknowledge that you need help. You tell yourself lies so you can continue abusing your substance of choice. When you choose treatment, you have the opportunity to heal properly. This can help you greatly in the future when triggers and cravings appear. 

Maybe you can manage to abstain for a while but you’ve never received the tools to fully get past addiction for the long haul. This is the thing. Addiction never goes away so it’s not a matter of sweeping it under the rug. It takes work and education to get over the dependency, deal with the root cause, and move forward in your life. You have to totally change your ideas, behaviors, thoughts, and actions. The addict will often fool themselves over and over again to get their fix. Once you go through treatment, you know what the truth is. This gives you power over your addiction and also gives you knowledge. 

You are getting a lot of support when you go through an addiction program. This is an important aspect of recovery. You will work with your family so you can gain their understanding and support. You will also speak in a group setting and get to know other people in a similar situation to yourself. Having a community of people that understand your battle and don’t judge you for it is incredibly healing and a necessary part of recovery.

Trying to stop abusing substances that have taken a hold of you usually don’t end up being successful. This is because there’s a lot of work that needs to go into changing your life so drastically. It has been proven that it takes many different elements to make those changes and stick with it. You are flying blindly and relapse can easily occur. You’re vulnerable when you first abstain and this is why you need support. Sometimes, you may need medically assisted therapy. This is the aid of medication that is FDA approved to help you with withdrawal symptoms. You may need to taper from the drug or alcohol for your own safety. 

When you’ve formed an addiction, it’s hard to see what the benefits are to stopping. Every part of you wants to continue even if you’re losing everything because of the substance. Through rehab, you’ll begin to see what a sober life can bring to you. You can talk to others and listen. You are given the tools you need to create a better life experience for yourself. You won’t feel alone and this in itself is a very important message of hope. 

Scientists have been doing research throughout the years to find what is most effective when it comes to addiction recovery. There are methods put in place that have been found to work. These are extended into practice at treatment centers in Indiana. There are many methods and when you go through assessments when being admitted, the center will tailor a program for your needs. Different types of therapy will be incorporated into your treatment phase. You have the opportunity to uncover the reasons behind your addiction. You also go through re-education so you can start thinking and behaving differently. Your old habits and compulsions will be replaced by new, more positive passions in life. 

Once you’ve completed rehab, there are aftercare programs you might want to attend. This is different for everyone. There are further resources and any reputable addiction treatment center is going to ensure you have the help you need afterward as well. This includes 12-step meetings in your area or other styles of group meetings for addicts. They often have an alumni program so you can always access the support from the center you received treatment from. 

There is also family therapy, which is an important part of recovery. This is because you need their support and the whole family needs to heal from the trauma that often comes from addiction. You will learn how to communicate with each other. They can also grow to understand the truth about addiction, which allows them to support you better.

The beginning of the recovery process will include professional detox. This is usually done in-house so you can be monitored. Detox is the process of abstaining from the substance, which usually comes with withdrawal symptoms of varying severity. It’s important to have medical assistance and support during this process for many. During detox, you can be given holistic or medical remedies to make the experience more comfortable. From there, you’ll move onto treatment, which will include things like talk therapy with a counselor and within a group setting. There will be nutrition, exercise, re-education, and healthy activities. The tools you get while you’re learning about addiction, triggers, and cravings are going to help you succeed. 

Addiction Treatment in Indiana

An in-depth report on drug and alcohol abuse in Indiana had some alarming facts in it. When it comes to alcohol, nearly half of Indiana residents over 12 consumed alcohol within the past month. SAMHSA conducted this report in 2017. Nearly a quarter of Indiana residents stated they had done binge drinking at one point. 

The same report found that nearly 5% of Indiana residents over 12 had misused prescription painkillers in one way or another. This is higher than the national rate of 4.2%. There has also been use of illicit opioids like heroin, which is higher than the national average. 

The good news is that there’s plenty of help for Indiana residents. The need for high-quality addiction programs has thankfully been met by excellent facilities. More have developed over time because of the clear need for it. These treatment centers bring the best doctors, clinicians, and staff in the addiction field. There is so much help coming from so many places that nobody will be denied addiction recovery treatment. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

There are treatment centers all over the country. If you’ve found one but it’s not near you, consider traveling for treatment. Many people will do this because it actually comes with profound benefits. Getting away from your home means getting away from any of the triggers that would normally cause you to drink or do drugs. You also have an opportunity to focus solely on your recovery with no distractions. You’re going to meet new people that are like-minded so you won’t get a sense of being alone. This can be one of the best decisions you make in the end so don’t let distance deter you from going to a treatment center that fits your needs. 

The Best Drug Rehabs in Indiana

1. Addiction Rehab Centers

4745 A Statesmen Drive

Indianapolis, IN 

Addiction Rehab Centers use a unique approach to helping patients figure out the underlying reasons for their addiction. They do this by combining 12-step with their Intense Process Therapy. Programs are tailored for each individual and they focus on “why” as opposed to “how” when it comes to reasons for addiction. They offer many different treatment options within their inpatient and outpatient programs.

2. Indiana Inpatient Rehab

3567 North State Road 9 

Anderson, IN 

This inpatient rehab offers medical detox in-house and transitions you to their residential inpatient rehab. They have highly trained staff that are experts in the addiction field. Staff is licensed to provide treatment for co-occurring disorders, which often goes hand in hand with substance addiction. Their residential inpatient rehab offers a new facility that includes a gym, pool tables, and a basketball court. They have a beautiful campus that offers scenic views. You have access to yoga and meditation during your time here. There is even equine therapy, healing through horses. They also have a high focus on preparing you for life after rehab.

3. Bridges of Hope

2200 North Madison Avenue

Anderson, IN

Bridges of Hope has many levels of care, helping patients through all stages of recovery. You receive a tailored program during admissions. They will assess what kind of program you need. There are residential programs, which are all-inclusive addiction treatment. This is the first stage of treatment offered once detox has been completed. Here, you will be educated on your disorder and help you change your mindset. Not only are you getting 30 hours of clinical services, they also have education and process therapy groups you can be part of. During the weekend, you’ll take part in social rehab activities and attend 12-step recovery meetings. 

4. Clean Slate Centers

1725 N. Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN

Clean Slate Centers are all over the state of Indiana so chances are, there is one near you. These are outpatient programs that focus on opioid and alcohol addiction recovery. They offer 4 steps of treatment in their model of care. 

  1. Starts with individualized treatment plans.
  2. You’re prescribed FDA-approved medications for addiction when necessary. This includes buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex) or naltrexone (Vivitrol).
  3. Licensed medical professionals that ensure medications are properly managed.
  4. They will coordinate with additional local healthcare and social services partners to ensure you get the full spectrum of care.

5. Life Recovery Center


8150 Madison Avenue

Indianapolis, IN


3607 W. 16th Street

Suite B-3

Indianapolis, IN


4455 McCoy Street

Suite 301

Indianapolis, IN

These centers around Indiana offer many different services. It starts with an assessment so they can tailor treatment for you. You’ll have access to group therapy in their Intensive Outpatient Program, Outpatient Program, and aftercare. They have the unique offering of Virtual Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs as well. This allows you to take part in treatment and group therapy right from home. There is individual therapy as well as family therapy. They offer peer recovery coaching, which is support outside of professional therapy. These coaches can be very important once you’ve completed rehab.

6. Fairbanks

8102 Clearvista Parkway, 

Indianapolis, IN

Fairbanks has been around for over seven decades. They have helped thousands of people overcome substance addiction. They have a world-class center with services that are evidence-based and proven to be successful. They support treatment like MAT and have innovative treatments. For example, they have a special program for women who have gone through trauma as well as adolescent inpatient programs. They are offering a virtual IOP now. They also have inpatient, outpatient, and long-term residential programs. They are experts in the field of addiction recovery and offer you personalized treatment programs. 

7. Hickory House

5486 W US Highway 40, 

Greenfield, IN

Hickory House offers inpatient and outpatient treatment programs as well as detox. They have a stunning campus in Greenfield and offer customized treatment plans for each individual. They have been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation by The Joint Commission. This is a very high honor and symbol of quality in healthcare. They have demonstrated that they comply with high-performance standards.

If you’re looking for help when it comes to substance addiction, it is there for you. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, there is a solution for you. Thanks to so many different types of programs, you can find what will work for you. The most important thing is that you do get help and end the cycle of addiction.

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