Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Illinois

Addiction has sadly increased throughout the years. The problem with prescription medications is just as bad as people abusing illicit drugs. This has brought on a greater need for ample high-quality addiction centers in every state. If you or someone you love is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, there are many different programs that can help you recover. There are many different options now as well. 

Whatever program you choose, there will be a full spectrum of treatment options. Most patients will need to take part in the detox process. This gets the substance out of the body and is usually comes with the most physical discomforts of recovery. However, it doesn’t last long and when you go through professional detox, they can alleviate your discomforts. From there, you begin treatment to determine what the underlying causes are for your addiction. This is less intense but takes longer than detox. You will be well supported in your journey and meet other like-minded people. This community is essential to your recovery. 

You might be worried about money issues or perhaps the time you’ll need to go through rehab. The good news is that there is a program for everyone. Your insurance company can help you out with this or you can contact the rehab center you’re interested in. As for time, there are intensive outpatient programs. They allow you to go through high-quality treatment and other services while still maintaining your lifestyle. Inpatient rehab is highly recommended but not always realistic. 

Many addicts believe they can stop on their own but there are various reasons this isn’t a good idea. The main risk is that you could relapse, which puts you in danger of overdose death. Even quitting alcohol or some drugs cold turkey is dangerous. They may require a tapering process through MAT (medically assisted therapy) for a safer withdrawal process. 

It may be that you are simply curious to see if you or someone you love has an addiction. It isn’t always easy to know. Not to worry as there are many resources online and by phone to help you determine if you have a problem with substances and what the severity is. 

The best option is inpatient rehab because you’re staying on a campus where you can’t access drugs or alcohol. You receive constant care and support and live among others who are going through the same experience as yourself. This is a powerful way to get past addiction. Also, these programs are of high quality and cover all the scientifically-proven methods that help with addiction recovery. 

If you can’t commit to an inpatient setting, there are also outpatient programs. They cost less as well because you’re not paying for food and accommodation. You can choose therapy sessions and meetings that work around your schedule. The intensive outpatient program requires many hours per week of you but this is to keep you focused on your recovery.

Not only will the addict be receiving help, support, and guidance. The family or loved ones of an addict also play a part. Many times, there is a lot of confusion around addiction and the behaviors of an addict. There can be a lot of trauma that builds up in a home an addict shares with others. This needs to be addressed for healing to take place and to bring the family back together. There will be parts of therapy that will involve family and the treatment center will also have resources for family members so they can get the help they need. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Even if you are in the midst of addiction, you may not really understand what’s happening to you at all. You will tell yourself things to hide the truth of the matter and it’s hard to see clearly. The truth is, addiction is a complex disease that you have no control over. You will always have an addiction but there are tools you can use to manage it. It is in treatment that you receive these tools and the guidance to get back on your feet. 

Sadly, there have been many addicts who have attempted to stop on their own and have experienced negative consequences. Some will injure themselves or even die due to accidents or overdoses. Relapse is a harsh reality and is constantly looming. In the beginning phases of addiction recovery, there is a high risk of turning back to the substance. If you have never undergone addiction treatment, you won’t know how to manage the triggers and cravings that come up. You won’t understand the repercussions of relapse and you won’t see what your life could be without addiction crippling you. 

Even in rehab, it takes time to see the benefits of living a sober life. How can you possibly find these answers for yourself without help? From the moment you begin your treatment, you are receiving help and support. You are no longer alone. You are taken on a step by step journey with proven methods to heal all aspects of yourself. You are given the space to talk things through and really figure out why you fell victim to addiction.

Professionals in the addiction field keep up to date with all the latest methods and utilize them to make your recovery more effective. The addiction programs of today offer you personalized therapies in stunning settings that truly inspire and enhance your ability to heal. The tools you are given will help you every single day. When you leave rehab, you will be a different person. The tools you get will make you stronger against the compulsions and reasons you would abuse substances before. You are going to replace the negative behaviors with something more positive. 

Addicts feel very alone, which only makes substance abuse even more prevalent. In an addiction program, you meet others who are going through a similar journey. You talk out your thoughts and feelings to others who offer a compassionate and understanding ear. This is an important part of recovery and it greatly helps to heal wounds in yourself. Being able to finally communicate your battle with others who don’t judge is really important throughout your journey.

Every day you’re in a program, you’re going to have the opportunity to talk. It could be one on one therapy or group therapy. Either way, talk therapy has been found to be highly effective so you’ll be taking part in it daily. 

Addiction recovery programs have a system that has been found to be highly effective. You start with an assessment, which will give coordinators an idea of what kind of program you need. You’re going to go through detox so your mind is clear and you can focus on aspects of your psychological reasons for addiction. Once detox is complete, you’ll begin therapy and re-education. The tools you receive will help you with all the well-known problems someone has from abstaining from their substance of choice. There are also after programs as some addicts aren’t ready to go home after the standard 28-day rehab program. Whatever your needs are, there is a program.

Addiction Treatment in Illinois

In Illinois, there is a high amount of binge drinking that’s been reported. Reports have found that over 25% of men and 15% of women binge drink. Binge drinking among adults that are 18-44 is notable here because in Illinois, it’s 29% and this goes against the nationwide statistic of 15%. Illinois is quite high in this regard compared to other states in the US.

Illinois has also seen its fair share of problems with the opioid epidemic. A 2020 report found that almost 80% of drug overdose deaths that occurred in 2018 were a result of opioids being involved. There were over 2,000 deaths in total. Methadone (fentanyl) deaths rose to over 1,500. These were deaths related to fentanyl alone. 

Addiction help is necessary for Illinois and all the support and guidance one needs exist here. There are a variety of different programs to suit anyone’s needs. The outcry of substance addiction rehabilitation has resulted in incredible programs and treatment methods that have been proven to help. There have never been more quality recovery options as there is today.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

You might think that going far from home for rehab is a terrible idea. Actually, it’s the opposite. It can be the best move you ever made. Getting away from your normal life and routine can benefit you in a few ways. Firstly, you can focus on your recovery instead of being pulled in a million different directions at home. You are also getting away from all the stressors and triggers that could easily cause you to relapse. Being far from home makes you anonymous, which is helpful in addiction recovery. You can just be yourself and focus on your journey. You will not be alone by any means. You’ll meet people in rehab going through the same things you are. This can be very helpful and having this new community can help you once you go home. Travel costs may even be covered by your insurance. 

The Best Drug Rehabs in Illinois

1. Gateway Foundation

3828 W. Taylor St. 

Chicago, IL 

1080 E Park St

Carbondale, IL

1300 Lincoln Ave. 

Jacksonville, IL

Gateway has many locations throughout Illinois so no matter where you live, you can find one nearby. They are a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. They have program models that include the following:

  • Residential
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Outpatient

They offer additional services such as sober living and community programs that help you with your lifelong sobriety. They have a patient-focused approach and work to heal your mind, body, and soul. They do this with evidence-based methods and new, innovative treatment models. They work to empower patients to find their inner confidence. They address any co-occurring mental health conditions as well. 

2. Positive Sobriety Institute

680 N Lake Shore Drive

Suite 800

Chicago, Illinois

PSI offers years of experience in helping professionals recover from addiction. Their programs are discreet with the focus of helping to motivate adults in getting back their health and mental well being. Dr. Daniel Angres is the lead hand here and is a renowned addiction expert. He has helped hundreds of people get past addiction as well as dual disorders. The programs are comprehensive and evidence-based. They combine medical and holistic therapies to tend to the needs of each individual patient.

3. Unity Point Health

1200 Hamilton Blvd, 

Peoria, IL

Unity Place offers a variety of different recovery options. All of them utilize evidence-based methods to meet physical, emotional, and mental health needs. They offer compassion and professionalism within their team of addiction specialists. They offer services such as behavioral and substance use addictions in adults. They offer MAT and also adolescent substance use. How long your program is and what kind of care you receive depends on your individual needs.

Their treatment services include outpatient and inpatient treatment, medical detox, and MAT.

4. Existential Counselors 

2319 Manhattan rd.

Joliet, Il

Inpatient rehab center 

The ECS prides itself in offering an extremely high-quality inpatient program. They work through your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. They offer a 28-day intensive inpatient program specifically for men. The environment through which addicts will heal is restorative. There is intensive counseling and re-education conducted daily. The program is clinically managed and known as a high-intensity inpatient program. They strive to help patients gain stability back into their lives. The stay can actually be anywhere from 14-28 days, sometimes more if necessary.

5. Banyan Treatment Centers

50 S Main Street

Suite 290

Naperville, IL

Banyan Chicago offers many different programs to help addicts recover from substance abuse and addiction. This includes partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient, stabilization programs, and an alumni program. Throughout each of their programs, they work to give you the tools that will help you overcome addiction and maintain sobriety for the long term. They offer a care plan with the focus of allowing you to get back to your normal life. They are a leader in recovery in the Chicago area. Banyan is part of many facilities throughout the US and offer many different alcohol and drug treatment programs.

6. Serenity House

Serenity House has been helping addicts for over three decades. They have been expanding their substance abuse services to meet the demand for treatment. Every year, Serenity House helps hundreds of people with addiction recovery. Their services include:

  • Extended Residential Rehab
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • DUI Services
  • Adolescent Programs Recovery Home Programs

They offer holistic approaches to help you get back on track in your life. They strive to get their patients back to being self-sufficient and productive. 

7. Footprints to Recovery

3265 N Arlington Heights Rd 

Suite 303, 

Arlington, IL

This facility is located just outside of Chicago. They offer detox (including MAT), Partial Care Programs, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, and a Licensed Recovery Home. They are a Joint Commission Accredited Facility, which is the marker for high quality. They are also accessible financially to most people. Their drug and alcohol programs have been found to be highly effective. Their on site staff includes counselors and clinicians that have the ability to address substance abuse and mental health issues. They offer flexible hours so you can maintain your lifestyle while coming to the clinic during “off times.”

Within the programs, services include:

  • Psychological Services
  • Spiritual Support
  • Diet & Nutrition Services
  • Family Support & Education
  • Aftercare Club
  • Smart Recovery
  • Standup Comedy Group
  • Biofeedback
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Day & Evening Outpatient Groups

Illinois has many different addiction treatment centers throughout the state. Whether you need intense rehab where you stay in a residential setting or you can go through an Intensive Outpatient Program, there’s a program for you. This is the first step to changing your life in a positive way. There is help for anyone, regardless of your financial situation or time restraints.

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