Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Idaho

Addiction treatment centers are available for anyone who needs help with substance abuse and addiction. There are many various programs that suit everyone’s needs. Addiction is complex and everyone is motivated in different ways. That’s why within each program, there are treatment options. There is a program for every lifestyle and individual needs. There is no reason to not start your recovery journey. Even if money is a concern, there are solutions. Every state has put a lot of resources together for addiction due to the major problems with drugs and alcohol. You may even be able to receive the help you need free of charge.

You may think you can handle addiction on your own, that you can quit cold turkey. It is a small percentage of addicts that are able to do this successfully. There are tools and resources that have been proven to help an addict work through addiction. Without this knowledge, you’re really just flying blind. It is the relapse that often causes overdose deaths. This is because the body has lost tolerance to the substance while an addict abstained for a few days. 

You may not even be certain if you, or a loved one is suffering from addiction. There are questionnaires online that cost nothing. You can also contact any addiction treatment facility in Idaho and they can do an assessment right on the phone. They usually have a quiz on their site as well. 

You have access to residential programs where you’ll stay in a campus setting. If this isn’t suitable, you can find an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Their framework and quality of services and treatments are on par with an inpatient program. They are more flexible, working around your schedule. Another good thing about IOP is they usually cost much less as you’re not paying for food and accommodation.

For your success, a program should offer a full spectrum recovery plan. This starts with professional in house detox. You’ll be monitored and when necessary, you could receive medically assisted treatment, which is the use of medication to make withdrawal symptoms more uncomfortable. From detox, you’ll move onto different therapies including clinical therapy and experiential therapy depending on the program. You’ll receive education and tools to change behaviors and mindset. You’ll also be asked to participate in healthy activities such as exercise (yoga, running, team sports, hiking). Often nutrition will be incorporated into recovery as well. 

Family therapy is often incorporated because it’s such an important part of recovery for many. Having that support and understanding from those you love can make all the difference. As your family learns more about your disease, they are able to better help you and heal their own wounds. You will also go through family therapy together where you can all communicate about past hurts. This is very healing. 

If you’ve never gone through rehab before, it’s always recommended that you opt for inpatient rehab. This allows you to fully immerse into the recovery process while getting high quality treatment. If you can’t step away from daily life for 28 days or more, you may want to see what’s available in your area when it comes to intensive outpatient programs. Whatever you decide, there is a program that can help.

Why Choose Treatment?

Addiction is a complex illness and trying to stop on your own usually doesn’t work and can be dangerous. Many people have died or injured themselves from trying to quit on their own and then relapsing. When you go through treatment, you’re getting help and support constantly. You are finally being honest with others about your problems. You need to have an avenue to keep talking as you work through underlying reasons addiction developed in the first place.

Addiction programs know what works and they utilize these methods every single day. Going through a program can significantly improve your chances of recovering. They will offer you tools and when you use them, they can make you stronger against the substance that has been consuming your life. You will replace the negative habits for more positive ones and gain a quality of life you perhaps haven’t experienced in years. 

Addicts will often isolate themselves, making it even more challenging to recovery. When you attend an addiction program, you will have a whole community that supports you. This support has been found to be one of the most powerful methods for healing. Spending time in a group setting with people going through the same thing will make you realize you’re not alone. Hearing other participant’s stories can be healing as well. You may also find inspiration in their personal journeys. Your story will be listened to with compassion in a safe space.  

Different treatment facilities offer different therapies as well. You may try things you’ve never done before and maybe even fall in love with a new past time. This part of recovery is introducing you to new passions that replace highly negative compulsions or behaviors. Through group therapy and individual therapy, you’ll be able to express your fears, hurts, and whatever emotions you’re feeling. 

There are certain protocols with addiction recovery programs. They will start you off with an assessment. This allows the coordinators to determine what your program should include. Throughout therapy, you’ll have a lot of support, go through re-education, and gain all the powerful tools to help you get past your addiction. Nobody is left out for addiction treatment either. In the US, all insurance companies are obligated to offer some form of coverage for addiction treatment. This could mean that you pay nothing or at least less for addiction treatment. There is a program that’s right for you and there’s no reason to delay when it comes to recovery. 

Addiction Treatment in Idaho

A recent article about drinking in the US reported that Boise, Idaho was the #3 highest consumer city for alcohol in the country. When it came to drug statistics, not great news either. A report was released stating 9.36 percent of residents in Idaho reported using illicit drugs in a 30 day period. Being that the national average is 8.82 percent, Idaho is getting a lot of attention and therefore additional help. The state also suffered through the opioid epidemic and many residents were affected here. 

This is what has brought on so much additional help in Idaho. There are many well-established treatment centers in Idaho as well as new, innovative programs to help Idaho residents from all walks of life. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Geography needn’t be a factor when you’re looking for the right addiction treatment. Fair enough, if you want to stay close to home, this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you happen to be looking for an inpatient rehab program, you may want to consider getting away from your hometown. Many people will travel to an addiction center. When you are flexible to travel, you’ll have access to more options. You can also focus solely on your recovery by traveling somewhere else for recovery treatment. You are anonymous, which is helpful for opening up to others. You are also less susceptible to triggers as you’re not in your old environment. Sometimes, insurance will cover the costs of your travel as well. Getting away can be one of the best things you do for yourself.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Idaho

1. Brick House Recovery

3663 N. Lakeharbor Ln 

Boise, ID

1020 Landbank Street, 

Idaho Falls, ID

Brick House Recovery has been a staple in Idaho, being established in 2014. They offer high quality, private, faith based recovery from addiction. They have worked towards finding the best and most effective treatment methods for adults with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. They offer outpatient programs that helps addicts and their family heal together. They utilize tenets of the 12-steps.

At the Brick House, you being with a minimum one month partial hospitalization program. This helps you to transition and adapt. The next stage is a minimum of three months in their intensive outpatient program. Once completed, you will partake in two more months of aftercare. They give you a long period of support and will continue to do so even when all programs are completed. You’ll always have the support you need from the moment you walk through their door. 

2. Stewards of Recovery 

755 Lomax St, 

Idaho Falls, ID

Stewards of Recovery isn’t a fancy rehab but they do offer excellent care in Idaho falls. They offer various kinds of mental health treatment as well as many different methods of addiction treatment. They have a variety of programs and treatments to help individuals and their families. 

Here’s a list of their services. 

  • PHP (partial hospitalization program)
  • Assessments
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Individual/Group Therapy
  • Trauma Focused Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Support and Addiction Education
  • Case Management
  • Drug Testing
  • Education Class

3. Northpoint Recovery

10787 W. Ustick Rd

Boise, ID

Ashwood Recovery Boise, ID

7941 West Rifleman Street

Boise, ID

Ashwood Recovery Nampa, ID

847 Park Centre Way, Suite 7

Nampa, ID

Northpoint Recovery has a few locations throughout Idaho. They are a highly regarded recovery treatment program that offers outpatient programs at their Ashwood locations in Nampa and Boise. They also have the Northpoint Recovery inpatient rehab programs. They offer many different services and therapies to help addicts overcome the disease. They offer MAT, holistic detox, various kinds of experiential therapies, group therapy, individual therapy, and more. You are getting a lot of care and attention with a 2:1 ratio of staff to patients. They offer 28 day inpatient rehab, 90 day IOP (intensive outpatient programs), and PHP (partial hospitalization programs.)

4. Zelus Recovery

2020 S Eagle Rd, 

Meridian, ID

Zelus Recovery is a specialized treatment center for teen, young adults, and their families. They offer many different programs to suit the needs of any addict. They keep enrollments low so they can really give the personalized service to each patient that enters their intimate facility. They offer therapeutic approaches that have been proven to work in addiction recovery. They help young individuals struggling with addiction and mental disorders turn their lives around. They also get the family involved so they can properly understand what is happening to the teen in their home and give them the love and support they need. 

that promote family involvement, we help young individuals who are struggling with addiction turn their lives around.

5. Moonlight Mountain Recovery

5230 W Moonlight Mine Rd

Pocatello, ID

Located in Pocatello & Nampa, Idaho, their addiction recovery centers offer comprehensive inpatient treatment in a comfortable, relaxing setting in nature. It is the premier addiction recovery center in the area with holistic approaches and individualized treatment. Their compassionate staff works with every patient and helps them create treatment plans with the right type of therapy for them. They focus on mind, body, and spiritual healing.

Their main specialty is opioid and prescription drug rehab. They also treat alcoholism and drug addiction in general. They identify and treat underlying reasons for substance abuse so patients leave the program transformed and excited about their sobriety. The program incorporates both group and individual therapy. They have a comprehensive discharge plan that is put in place to prevent relapse.

6. Port of Hope

508 E Florida Avenue, 

Nampa, ID

Port of Hope is a non-profit organization that offers addiction treatment. Their centers include inpatient and outpatient treatments for a wide spectrum of substance abuse issues. They offer screenings and assessments so they can create specialized programs. They offer a homey, comfortable environment for inpatient residents. They will stay in a residential setting for 90 days, which includes detox and recovery. During this time, you attend classes and therapy sessions. The residential program is classified as anon-medical social detox program. There are also 60 or 30-day programs available along with outpatient programs.

7. The Walker Center

Gooding Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment

605 11th Ave. East

Gooding, ID

Twin Falls Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment

1102 Eastglen Way

Twin Falls, Idaho

The Walker Center has been helping addicts recover since 1976. They offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment with personalized programs for each patient. Their inpatient treatment can last for up to eight weeks, just depending on what the assessment looks like for a person. You’ll be going through experiential-based therapy and take part in health and wellness programs. There are also outpatient programs in their Twin Falls location.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of addiction treatments center in Idaho. There is a program that will work for all walks of life. You might feel alone and isolated. Maybe you’ve even lost hope. There is help. All you have to do is accept it. Rehabilitation centers can answer your questions and will often offer free questionnaires to help you on your journey. Take the first step today.

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