Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Hawaii

For those in need of addiction recovery services, there are many different kinds of programs. As addiction itself is a complex disorder and everyone is different, there are many types of therapies to help you. On top of that, there are programs that cater to any lifestyle and budget. In Hawaii and all around the US, there has been more help than ever. This is largely due to the opioid epidemic that left no stone unturned. Beyond opioids, there are problems with many other legal and illegal drugs as well as alcohol.

Addiction isn’t something you can handle on your own. There is a very small percentage of addicts who can quit ‘cold turkey’ without professional support and success. Sure, people can go a few days but relapse is always a potential risk for those without the real support they need. It is during relapse that a high percentage of addicts will overdose because their body is less tolerant to the substance. 

You may not be sure if you or a loved one has a problem with addiction. There are questionnaires online that can give you greater insight. There is also immediate help online along with phone hotlines. We know the whole idea of recovery is scary and you might struggle with how you’ll manage recovery. Know that there are programs that will work around your schedule.

There are intensive outpatient programs that have a high-quality level of treatment like inpatient rehab. You’ll attend meetings during your time away from life’s obligations. The therapy is intensive and happens a few times a week. This allows you to get that support while still going to work or contributing to the responsibilities in your home. These programs will cost less as well. 

Many of these programs will offer you a full spectrum recovery plan. You’ll not only be going through detox and levels of therapy, you’ll learn how to eat and exercise for overall wellness. Treatment centers will help move you forward in positive ways as you walk away from negative ways. They will not only help you but also your family. It is important to incorporate the family dynamic into addiction recovery so that wounds can heal. If they are able to talk with others and begin to understand your struggles, this understanding can bring compassion. 

Most programs are going to start with detox, which can either be holistic or medically assisted. There are at-home detox kits but they have not been successful in the past. Detox is challenging and the cravings can be too much to manage on your own. Detox in a facility will take up to 7 days and when you’ve finished, your body will be clean of the substance. 

From there, you’ll move onto different kinds of therapy that have been proven to help with addiction recovery. This is equally as important as detox. You are working with the psychological reasons you became addicted to substances. These reasons can run quite deep and you’ll need help to access your pain. You also need support. You get all of this when you go through a treatment center. 

It is recommended that you start with inpatient rehab if you’ve never attended rehab in the past. This is because you’re getting constant help and support in campus settings. You don’t leave the campus throughout your stay so there’s no possibility of getting drunk or high while you’re there. Again, if this isn’t possible, you can opt for intensive outpatient therapy where you’re still getting support. 

Why Choose Treatment?

Addiction help is going to greatly improve your chances of a successful recovery. This is because you’re not flying blind on a daily basis. You are given tools that have been proven to work in the addiction field. If you use the tools, you are much more likely to relish in long-term recovery. Your life will improve and you’ll be able to work through triggers and cravings. You’ll learn how to communicate and respect yourself. This is all done through the specific addiction treatment you get when you attend a program. 

Many addicts will feel isolated as though they are the odd man out in their life. When you join a treatment center, you are also joining a new community. Like-minded people are also trying to get their lives back together. You also have professional support so all your questions will be answered. Having people you can rely on and that understand your struggles is a huge part of the recovery process. You will learn very quickly that you are not alone. When you hear the stories of others, you will relate or may even be inspired by their journey. 

Most importantly, you will start to heal from the wounds that caused your addiction. There are usually underlying emotional reasons behind any addiction. Maybe you don’t even acknowledge your pain at the moment. In a safe place with people that know how to help, you can learn why you started abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. That acknowledgment is key to your healing. 

In any addiction program, there are going to be many different methods to help you heal and grow. You may do experiential therapies like art therapy, equine therapy, hikes, etc. There are also group therapy and individual therapy sessions that allow you to hash out your emotions. Diet and exercise will be incorporated so you can get your brain producing happy chemicals once again. 

Treatment centers will start you off with an assessment. This is going to allow them to create a program specifically for your needs. You get support, re-education, and essential tools to start your journey of sobriety. Addiction treatment is for everyone. You can find a program that suits your lifestyle. As for insurance, every insurance company is obligated to offer some form of addiction coverage. You may have coverage for some of the best treatment centers in Hawaii. If you see a center you’re interested, you can contact them to see if your insurance will cover their program. They are always happy to help in this regard.

Addiction Treatment in Hawaii

Narconon recently wrote an article about the problem Hawaii is facing with meth. Apparently, the state has the worst problem with this highly addictive drug compared to any other state. In fact, experts say that Hawaii is the birthplace of meth. That it actually originated here. 

Hawaii reported close to 60 drug overdose deaths in 2018. While that may not seem like a lot, it is a fairly low population. While news is relatively positive when it comes to alcohol abuse, the drug issues here necessitate treatment centers that are high quality and available for all. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

You shouldn’t let geography get in the way of going to the treatment center you want to. If you’re looking at our list or looking through Google and see a place that makes sense to you, don’t be deterred by distance. Many people will go to a treatment center that’s far from home as there are many benefits. You can focus on your recovery without interruption. You won’t run into anyone you know, and you avoid familiar triggers. There are actually quite a few benefits to going away for addiction rehab. Sometimes, your insurance covers some or all of the travel costs as well. Traveling for addiction treatment can contribute to your success in recovery.  

The Best Drug Rehabs in Hawaii

Here are some of the top-rated addiction treatment centers in Hawaii. 

1. The Exclusive Hawaii

31-631 Old Mamalahoa Hwy, 

Hakalau, HI 

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, this holistic addiction treatment center is an intimate experience for those going through addiction recovery. With just eight beds, they put a lot of attention on the patients that are going through their program. They have a staff of 35 that are all compassionate and highly experienced in the addiction recovery field. You’ll receive an individualized treatment plan.

They are at the forefront of integrative, holistic solutions for getting past addiction. They have a method known as Core Belief Restructuring, which addresses the root cause of each person’s addiction. This can create lasting change in patients. Instead of giving advice, they focus on asking questions. This is believed to give you the power to change your behaviors. Self-regulation tools are incorporated into therapy so self-defeating beliefs can change into more positive images of one’s self. 

Their campus is in a stunning setting that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. You can take long walks in the beautiful estate while feeling the ocean breeze on your face. Even the environment here can help you with your recovery.

2. Maui Recovery

22 Waimahaihai St.

Kihei, HI

Maui Recovery is a welcoming space for patients and their families to recover. They offer programs that address the whole person, changing the sense of shame to a place of love. They cultivate a meaningful human connection and purposeful living. They offer a 90-day program, which has been found to lead to better outcomes. For those who don’t have the time for 90 days at an inpatient program, they do offer 60 and 30 day stays also.

3. Hawaii Island Recovery

75-170 Hualalai Rd c311a, 

Kailua-Kona, HI

This is the premier inpatient addiction rehab center on the Big Island. They offer comprehensive treatment including medically supervised detox, holistic, and experiential therapy options. They even have Wild Dolphin Assisted Therapy. This has given their program a unique twist that of course evoked joy. They offer personalized treatment plans with evidence-based therapies and holistic health offerings.

They offer programs for co-occurring disorders. There is a maximum of 8 patients that can stay in the residence at one time. This allows all clients to get intensive, individualized attention from staff. They address physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction and restore balance back into one’s life. 

4. Ku Aloha Ola Mau

Honolulu location

1130 N. Nimitz Highway, Suite C-302 

Honolulu, HI

Hilo location

900 Leilani Street 

Hilo, HI

Both of these outpatient facilities offer substance abuse prevention, education, treatment, and continuing care. The program is spiritually based and uses cultural healing modalities embedded within evidence-based practices used in the addiction field. Services they offer include:

  • Screening and assessment
  • Intake
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Continuing care
  • Prevention intervention
  • Conducts outreach

They offer MAT and are a non-profit agency. They have Suboxone, Methadone, and courtesy dosing services. 

5. Habilitat

45-035 Kuhonu Pl, 

Kaneohe, HI 

Habilitat has been helping people with substance abuse and addiction for over 45 years. They help those who are abusing substances as well as the homeless. They have created a safe haven so residents can start anew. Their centers are designed for Long Term Addiction Treatment and they are a non-profit organization. The program is an alternative to the 12 steps. The campus on Kaneohe is breathtaking. There is a 1.5-acre oceanfront estate where you can take in the Ko`olau Mountains. It is a peaceful place that is ideal for inspiring recovery. They offer a full range of exercise equipment and promote outdoor activities. 

6. Providence Treatment

1188 Bishop Street

Suite 1008

Honolulu, HI 

Providence Treatment has various locations in a few states around the US. They provide evidence-based addiction treatment and have developed a unique approach to treatment that has seen great success. Services they provide at the Honolulu facility include:

  • Assessments 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Group therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Mindfulness training for recovery
  • Trauma treatment (EMDR)
  • Aftercare planning
  • Coordination with third parties (attorneys, physicians, psychiatrists)
  • Telehealth services
  • Recovery Dharma meetings
  • Family support and education seminars
  • Spiritual guidance

If you’re seeking help for substance addiction in Hawaii, there are many different options. No matter what you’re looking for, there is a program for you. Don’t delay in getting the help you need. 

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