Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Georgia

Addiction is a problem that has spread across all states in the US. Millions have been affected whether it’s from prescription drugs or illicit drugs that can be found on the street. Addiction once had a stigma attached to it that only the poor and downtrodden were victim to it. We now know this is no longer the case. There are people from all walks of life that are struggling with this disease. Prescription medications that were supposed to help people get “healthy” again turned out to be addictive. Average people developed a dependence and an addiction to drugs that were prescribed to them by their doctor. 

Today, there are more addiction treatment centers than ever before in an effort to curb the problem. The government has stepped in to help so even those who couldn’t afford addiction help in the past have the help they need. Some of the programs are free or are at a lower cost through your insurance provider. There have also been more scientific studies on what works to help with addiction recovery. There are many high-quality treatment centers in Georgia. They not only offer excellent programs but also incredible campuses that offer many different amenities. As far as treatment goes, you will likely receive an assessment. This allows the program coordinator to create a program just for your personal needs. This will include various types of therapy.

There are many different types of programs as well. The highest quality programs are usually a private rehab program. This is where you spend an average of 28 days in a residential setting. These programs are all-inclusive so your treatments, food, and accommodation are included in the cost. Once rehab is done, you may choose to take other programs such as outpatient programs. This is usually recommended or at the very least, you should attend meetings like 12-step meetings. You can also take part in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This would allow you to get the help you need while still tending to your daily obligations. 

The program will usually start with detox. This is the process of cleansing the body of the substance by abstaining from using it. This can be quite a shock to the body and usually comes with withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes even deadly. This is why we recommend that you don’t try to detox on your own. When you go through detox in a clinic, you’ll be monitored 24/7 and there are holistic and medicinal measures to help you feel more comfortable. 

Detox is the first step. It’s also important to go through the rehabilitation part of addiction recovery. This usually involves finding out why you started abusing substances in the first place. You’ll be meeting with counselors who will help you uncover these reasons. You’ll also go through group therapy and talk with others going through a similar journey. The group setting can be very helpful in allowing you to open up. You are no longer alone and you’ll begin to feel a sense of community, which has been proven to help a great deal in recovery. 

You might think you can’t afford to get the help you need for your addiction but this isn’t true. There are many different solutions. Some programs are subsidized by the church or government organizations. While still offering high-quality treatment, they offer it to you for low cost or on a sliding scale based on your income. You may also want to check and see what your insurance will cover. It may be that your program is fully paid for. 

Not only will you receive help for your addiction, but many of the programs also incorporate your family. This is because their support and understanding is paramount in your recovery. You will work together and communicate with the help of a therapist. This allows you to rebuild the connection you may have lost. They can also attend group meetings with other families of addicts. 

There are many facets to helping you recover from addiction. These programs offer you a variety of tools and resources to get your life back in order. The treatment centers in Georgia all vary and offer different elements.  

Why Choose Treatment?

Addiction isn’t something that is easy to turn on and off. Addiction implies that you have lost control over abusing a substance and the behaviors that accompany the abuse. It is complex and completely changes chemicals in the brain. You react and act differently and become a different person. Addicts will give up everything to be able to continue to abuse their substance of choice. It’s a serious disease that takes some work to recover from.

There are things you probably don’t know about your addiction right now. You might think that you can still drink or use occasionally. This is a myth as addiction is always going to be there. Professionals that have been working in addiction know how to really help. How to retrain your brain and help you find a future filled with hope. They help you work through things you otherwise wouldn’t even know require attention. The underlying reasons behind your addiction are hiding and you’re unable to see the truth. It takes work and tools that you currently don’t have access to. 

When you step into an addiction treatment center, you are going to find that you’re no longer alone. You have other people around you that are going through the same thing. You have professionals that perfectly understand your addiction. You’re not judged and everyone around you is there to help. 

In terms of detox, it’s highly recommended that you opt to get professional help through this. It is challenging to stop on your own and may even come with risks to your health. You might be able to stop abusing substances for a few days. The thing is, you don’t have the tools you need to combat those cravings and triggers that inevitably show up. Addiction is a problem that is always going to be there. You need to learn how to manage the things that come up so you never abuse your substance of choice again. 

To do this, you need to learn what your addiction is. You need to know what drove you to where you are right now. Through treatment, you will be educated on what addiction is and how to manage it properly. You’ll gain the necessary tools to fight off those moments where you feel weak. You grow stronger over the substance and all the parts of you that surround it. 

Through treatment, you will have a lot of support. This is essential and keeps you motivated to keep going. You no longer feel in isolation or misunderstood. You are finally going to get the help you know you’ve needed for a long time. The healing that you go through creates many breakthroughs and transforms you. When you do the work and go through a program, you’re going to feel completely different about life. You’ll feel positive and look forward to the future. 

Once an addiction has formed, it’s hard for you to see the benefits of living life any differently. Substances take away all your positivity, motivation, and hope. You want to keep abusing substances because you don’t want to face your realities. When you have support and tools to start rebuilding yourself, you’ll begin to believe that a different story is possible for you. 

The treatment you receive in rehab has been proven to work through scientific studies and reports from clinics that have implemented these things. Years have gone into finding what works and what doesn’t. Your treatment program will be highly effective based on what science has found to work. You will go through many different kinds of therapy that all work together to give you positive long-term results.

Once rehab has completed, you’re not left out in the cold. There are step down programs and further support. The program you attended will have resources for you. Some people may be ready to take on the world with their new perspective. Others may need further help. There is something for everyone. You may want to incorporate 12-step meetings or another style of group recovery meetings in your area. Having this support is valuable for your long term success. Often the treatment center you attended will have an alumni program so you’re always welcome to be a part of their family.

Family therapy is also included in a full spectrum recovery program. It is important to have your family supporting you and understanding what you’ve been through. The whole family will have to recover in their own way. Addiction can cause a lot of hurt and trauma in a household. Bringing the whole family together to communicate is essential to full healing for everyone. This can bring you closer to them, which brings a lot of hope for the future. 

You will begin with detox, where you cleanse the body from the substance. This is best done at a facility where you can be constantly monitored. You’re abstaining from drugs or alcohol, which can bring on mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. Medical assistance may be necessary and they’re able to offer you holistic and medical solutions to help with the discomfort. After about 7 days, you should be able to move onto rehab. 

Here, you’ll start to dive into the reasons for your addiction. This will involve one on one counseling and group therapy with a counselor. You will also be re-educated, changing the mindset, and devaluing the substance you previously put on a pedestal. They will feed you healthy foods that help to bring the body back to balance. You can also participate in exercising and experiential therapy like art therapy or equine therapy. All of these tools help you understand your addiction, become mindful about triggers, and help you manage emotional and physical discomforts that come from abstaining.

Addiction Treatment in Georgia

Over 60% of the drug over deaths were a result of opioids being involved. A report found that there were 866 fatalities in 2018, which is a rate of 8.3% of the Georgia population. Alcohol consumption is a larger concern in Georgia with 2,400 deaths occurring yearly due to excessive drinking. This was a report done by the Georgia Department of Health based on data they got from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

While there may be some problems with drug and alcohol abuse in Georgia, there are also solutions. Many high-quality facilities have opened up to make sure that patients get the help they need with addiction problems. There has been a lot of science put forth to see what methods of addiction recovery therapy work best. This is used in treatment centers all throughout Georgia. The government has made sure that everyone can get the help they need despite financial and time restraints. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

There are treatment centers for everyone and if you find the perfect one, don’t let geography get in the way. Maybe there is a program that is far from you. This shouldn’t stop you from attending. In fact, it may be a benefit to you to get away from everything that is familiar to you. You will have fewer triggers when you’re taken away from your normal day to day life. These triggers can often be a cause of using so getting away from them during the first bit of recovery is a good idea. You also have the chance to focus on yourself and your healing. You will meet new people that are going through the same journey and rely on one another. Getting away for addiction recovery could just be one of the best moves you make. Also, you can check with your insurance provider to see if they are going to cover your travel expenses. In many cases, they will.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Georgia

1. Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center

255 Depot St Suite 200, 

Ball Ground, GA

This inpatient rehab offers expert care from compassionate staff. Their setting is intimate and they create tailored, focused treatment with small groups and a family-inclusive treatment offering. The goal they set out is to work with you so you can learn the skills for long-term sobriety. Blue Ridge is an alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility on 50 acres of nature in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They offer a welcoming-homey atmosphere and you’ll feel like family with their community while you recover from substance addiction.

2. Rivermend Health Centers

2812B Hillcreek Dr.

Augusta, GA

RiverMend offers comprehensive addiction treatment where you get individualized care. They treat addiction and co-occurring disorders. Their programs are led by a multidisciplinary team of board-certified physicians and licensed clinicians.

Services include:

  • Intensive outpatient
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Family treatment 
  • Individual counseling
  • Relapse prevention
  • Recovery planning
  • Coaching
  • Spiritual care

They offer comprehensive evaluations for each patient. This allows them to create a personalized treatment plan. They use a neuroscience-driven care model. This combines medically-rooted best practices with holistic approaches. Family programs are also available as this is an important part of addiction recovery.

3. Centered Recovery Programs

1250 Upper Hembree Rd, Ste. E

Roswell, GA 30076

1000 Piedmont Road

Marietta, GA

This recovery center focuses on giving patients a holistic treatment program. It is a 12-step that is based on mindfulness. They have highly skilled therapists that help patients on their journey. They offer therapies, education, and counseling. They have a unique program. It’s a full-time day treatment program (PHP). They also have an intensive outpatient program (IOP).

4. Hugs Recovery

4751 Best Rd., Suite. 150 

Atlanta, GA 

These programs are led by skilled leaders who focus on recovery management and restabilizing the lives of an addict. This organization has been around for decades. They have aster level clinicians that have a lot of experience in substance abuse and addiction of all kinds. They have been licensed within Georgia since 1999 and were nationally accredited since 2004. HUGS will assess each patient to determine what kind of program they need and for how long. They offer a 30-90 day life stabilization program.

5. The Athens Addiction Recovery Center

8801 Macon Hwy #2, 

Athens, GA

This is a high-quality outpatient treatment center in Georgia. It includes one on one and group therapy. They offer a residential treatment assessment and plan out what treatment is best for each patient. They based their program on treatments that are evidence-based and are CARF accredited. 

6. Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia

102 Oglethorpe Professional Court, Suite 6,

Savannah, GA

This recovery center gears themselves towards creating shorter programs that don’t lessen the chances of success. There are residential and outpatient program options. They can tailor a program to fit anyone’s needs. They have highly trained staff that utilization the latest innovation and science. They were actually the first treatment center to offer medically assisted treatment and are often on the forefront of any new addiction recovery method. 

7. Mount Sinai Recovery Center

330 Mt Sinai Drive

Dahlonega, GA

Mount Sinai offers a totally unique clinical art program, designed to help people heal from addiction. They have some of the top doctors and clinicians in the US. They offer stunning living quarters in their rehab program and offer multi-diagnosis treatment and medically supervised medication programs. This is a luxurious option with meals prepared by a 4-star chef and a massive campus on 43 acres of wilderness. They treat complex addictions like dual diagnosis as well. 

There are some incredible treatment centers in Georgia that offer many varying programs. Whatever your needs are, there is a solution. Don’t wait, get help today, and start your journey to recovery.

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