Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Arkansas

Addiction is a serious disease and you shouldn’t try to do it alone. There is a lot of support available for you in Arkansas. There is a treatment program that suits everyone. We highly recommend you choose a reputable treatment center in Arkansas for addiction recovery. It really can make a huge difference on how successful you are. With any treatment program, there is a whole process that you’ll go through. It begins with detox and from there, you move onto therapy. This allows you to get the body clean and then figure out why you started abusing substances in the first place. Eventually, you become stronger than the addiction. You are able to put your life back together with help throughout the process. Even your family is offered assistance so they can understand your addiction and support you. 

Why Choose Treatment?

It’s strongly recommended that you go through addiction treatment. It’s going to be far easier on you and your chances of success are much more likely. There are many different treatment solutions as well. If you feel like you need to go into a full rehab setting where you are removed from everything, you can do that. In fact, if it’s your first time going through rehab, this is recommended. However, if it’s not possible to get away, there are a variety of outpatient programs that vary in their intensity. 

The thing about any of these programs is you have access to a supportive community that understands your struggles. Your family is also a part of the process and they will receive help too. This can really bring you and your loved ones back to each other. Once you’re done with treatment, you’ll need them so this is equally important as your own inner healing. 

If yourself, or someone you love has a problem with addiction and you’re ready for help, it’s important to take action right away. Usually, it’s a small window of opportunity before you use again and take yourself away from the reality of your situation. There’s a lot of courage that goes into getting the help you need.

Rehab starts with detox. This is when you abstain from using the substance. It’s important that you seek out professional help. There are health complications that can arise when the body starts to go through withdrawal. Some of the withdrawal symptoms can be hazardous to your health, even resulting in death. Professionals may have to administer MAT (medically-assisted-therapy) to ween you off the substance you’re addicted to. When you go through detox, your vitals are checked around the clock. They help you get past this time and just being under supervision offers a sense of comfort during this challenging time.

Once you’ve cleaned the body from the toxins, you can move onto therapy. There are various forms of therapy and each program may use specific kinds. You’ll want to look at their offerings. Talk therapy is widely used in individual and group therapy. Talking through your emotions and thoughts to others is deeply healing. The various types of therapy will allow you to figure out why you began abusing substance and help you move forward with more positive behaviors. 

Once rehab is over, you’ll be able to come back to your life with a greater understanding of your addiction. You’ll have more strength to cope with cravings and you’ll have the tools to create a better life for yourself. This is ultimately the end goal.

Addiction Treatment in Arkansas

While there is good news in Arkansas when it comes to drinking, there is still a need for those with addictions to get the help they require. Drinking in Arkansas is lower than the average rate across the board of all states in the US. However, there was a high use of opioids. It was found that there were 93.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people.

What’s more is that studies have found there are a high number of prescription drug abusers in rural areas. They are on par with that of urban living statistics. It’s not always easy to reach these people and there are often few resources to help them.

The good news is Arkansas treatment centers are available throughout the state. There are many different kinds that cover all the various kinds of addiction. They vary in their price and quality. There are some church and government-run programs you might want to attend once you’ve gone through inpatient rehab. Whatever you need is available to you. You just need to ask for help. We’ve created a list of the best addiction treatment centers in Arkansas.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Many people will travel to their addiction treatment center of choice. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you find the right program for you. That may mean you have to travel somewhere else to attend. This has quite a few benefits. You’re able to focus solely on your recovery. You are away from all triggers that could potentially cause you to use again. You are also totally anonymous, which is important to people recovering from addiction. Sadly, the stigma can lead to a lot of shame. When nobody knows who you are, this is a lot more comfortable.

The Best Drug Rehabs in Arkansas

We’ve put together a list of the best treatment centers and programs available in Arkansas. There are options for inpatient and outpatient programs. You are going to see a variety of treatment options that will vary in price and quality. There are programs that will suit everyone’s needs.

1. Recovery Centers of Arkansas

This is one of the premier substance addiction treatment facilities in Arkansas. They employee compassionate clinical staff and you’ll be receiving evidence-based psychotherapy and working through twelve step concepts. The treatment they provide gives patients a higher chance of recovery success for a lifetime. 

Their mission is to enable people to live free of substance by providing treatment programming and other services in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Recovery Centers of Arkansas offer a myriad of different programs that include inpatient and outpatient. There is sober living housing and an incredible amount of support for long term recovery success. 

Within the Recovery Centers of Arkansas, there are a variety of different centers servicing the state. They are as follows:


1201 River Road

North Little Rock, AR

This is the residential treatment program, which sits on the banks of the Arkansas River. This particular property offers patients a tranquil setting as it backs on the North Little Rock River Trail. They have created a peaceful environment for attendees to work through the beginning phases of recovery.

The Cottage

9219 Sibley Hole Road

Little Rock, AR

The Cottage is one of their new sober living housing programs, which is located on their new south Little Rock campus.


6301 Father Tribou

Little Rock, AR

This is the outpatient program location. It is also where patients can take part in the Chemical Free Living Services. It is located in a commercial area of Little Rock with easy access to the bus, many different businesses, and the shopping centers.

Steeplechase Apartments

6225 Father Tribou

Little Rock, AR

These are chemical-free apartments for patients who have gone through one of the treatment programs. Some patients will want to go into long-term sober living and this is an ideal private apartment setting.

Oasis Renewal Center

14913 Cooper Orbit Road

Little Rock, AR

This facility has over 48 acres and is exactly as the name suggests, an oasis. The Oasis Residential Treatment Program gives patients time to reflect and focus on recovery in this remote, peaceful atmosphere. There are log-cabin dormitories, a lodge, and many walking trails that surround a total of three lakes. 

The program itself is built on a strong foundation of being in nature as well as using 12- step concepts to help people heal from addiction. 

Let’s talk a little bit more about this group of recovery centers. They have a rich history helping Arkansas residents with addiction. The first and oldest AA group in Arkansas started in the 1950’s. They looked to create treatment for alcohol abuse and built a facility. Through the years, a small group of people with a vision created what Recovery Centers of Arkansas is today. They have created more programs and build more centers around Arkansas to help addicts recover, manage interventions and facilitate family services. They are full service and whatever your needs are, RCA can help.

2. Capstone Treatment Center

120 Meghan Lane 

Judsonia, AR

The Capstone Treatment Center is considered one of the best residential rehab centers in the US when it comes to behavioral-care programs. They are among the Ozark foothills and offer excellent Christ-centered therapy. This is a unique program that has proven to be quite effective. It is specially for sons who are aged 14-26. It is geared towards addiction but also hurts, struggles, compulsions, co-occurring disorders, and self-destructive behaviors.

They have a unique kind of therapy here and it’s working with dogs. There is family therapy and canine therapy all in their stunning setting. The facility is truly awe inspiring with a rock and cedar lodge that is over 4,000 square feet. This includes a 1,250 square foot deck. The cabins that boys will stay in are made from red cedar logs and offer private shower and front porches. There is a mess hall with plenty of space to play around in. There is also a massive kitchen that serves nutritious food to the boys. 

There is a massive work out facility with all the best work out gear and a private lounge for parents. There is school here when necessary as well in the event that the kids have to leave school to attend a program. 

This environment is a very calming space with 24/7 supervision. Activities are happening all the time and the boys are always monitored closely. The staff ratio is 1:4 in daylight hours. If you have a boy who is going through a hard time in any way, this is an excellent center to help them get back on track.

3. Phoenix Recovery

Phoenix Recovery Center for Men

1224 Jersey Street

Conway, Arkansas

Phoenix Recovery Center for Women

104 North Battery

Little Rock, Arkansas

There are two different facilities that allow for gender specific treatment to take place. This recovery center is dedicated to helping men and women (in separate programs) get past their addiction struggles. They help participants to find their way back to society and find a more positive way of being. 

They have a facility with 18 apartments that allow men or women to live independently. The program involves helping patients find employment opportunities. The chemical-free living is central in Little Rock so patients can make their way to recovery meetings with easy access to the bus route. The facility has security cameras and staff that monitor patients 24 hours a day. So while patients can continue to go about their normal life, they are held responsible for the choices they make. There are night curfews and residents must attend weekly recovery meetings. They must abide by nightly curfews, and will be subject to drug and alcohol screening. This sober living program allows patients to begin a new life with a supportive environment.

4. Arkansas Opioid Treatment


912 Olser Drive, Suite B

Jonesboro, AR


5407 Highway 5, Suite 6

Bryant, AR


408 Hazel Street

Texarkana, AR

Arkansas Opioid Treatment is specifically targeting those with opioid use disorders and addictions. It’s effective when a treatment program has a sole focus. They utilize methadone hydrochloride along with confidential counseling. They offer case management and many other support services to counteract the impact of an opioid addiction. 

The  Northeast Arkansas Treatment Services uses a person and family centered approach to help patients with opiate addiction. They help patients overcome dependence to opioids as potent as  Hydrocodone Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Fentanyl and heroin.

Services include:

  • Administering methadone for the treatment of addictive disorders when necessary.
  • Individual counseling sessions.
  • Group counseling sessions
  • Psycho-educational sessions
  • Family sessions 
  • Targeted medical evaluation and assessment
  • Referrals
  • Case management and other support services.

5. Natural State Recovery Centers

3600 Cantrell Rd., Suite 303

Little Rock, AR

Natural State Recovery Centers are dedicated in helping addicts with the early stages of their recovery. They do this with specific goals in mind. They create a structured program for you that involves discipline in a supportive, loving environment. They utilize medical and recovery services for addicts so they have a solid foundation to transform their life in positive ways.

The programs and services they offer focus on your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional needs. Their treatment services work to build long-term solutions for whatever each individual is facing. They promote family therapy so your family is able to reconnect with you and offer loving support. Your addiction will be treated through therapy to help you understand the root of your addiction.

Their programs are a bit different because they offer assimilations during inpatient treatment. They create scenarios that will test you and prepare you for once you’re back at home. Their program is a 30-day stay in a campus setting. They also help you beyond the initial 30 days. They offer a 90-day outpatient program after that offers clinical treatment, sober living, and life skills training. They offer a partial day treatment program and intensive outpatient program to suit everyone’s needs. In all of their programs, they offer a wide variety of activities and treatments to ensure you have a solid foundation for lifelong sobriety.

6. Bradford Health Services

11215 Hermitage Rd, Suite 204

Little Rock, AR

Bradford Health Services has been helping people for over 40 years. They aren’t just an addiction treatment center. They cover many different health issues. They are very committed to helping those with addiction recovery and offer you superior care. They offer rehab for all ages with an emphasis on spiritual faith. If you’re in need of affordable care for yourself or anyone in your family, this is an excellent facility. They have many locations in various states. They offer an outpatient program in Little Rock, AS with a high level of quality that comes with the Bradford Health Services name. 

They offer whatever care they can via phone due to Covid-19 and offer things such as continuing care, intensive outpatient programs, family support, and educational services. 

There are some excellent programs with facilities that offer peace and serenity. Arkansas treatment centers include high-quality inpatient programs, a variety of outpatient programs, and many aftercare plans. There are some high-end treatment centers that offer you five-star meals and all the best amenities. There are also centers that are run by the government and cost very little. Check with your insurance to see what they will cover. It’s important to get help for your addiction and there is plenty of support available to you.

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