Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Alabama

Do you or a loved one have an addiction problem? You may be in need of an addiction treatment center in Alabama. Regardless of the nature of the addiction, there is a program that will best suit you based on location, needs, and desires. Finding the right center can make all the difference and help you with your future sobriety success. 

Why Treatment Matters

When you or someone you love has admitted they need help, it’s important to get professional help right away. Your best option is to seek out addiction treatment as it’s your opportunity to truly get past the problem. Going to an addiction facility for a certain amount of time is going to increase your chances of sobriety success by up to 60%.

An Alabama treatment center is going to help you through the withdrawal phase. If you try to do this on your own, there’s a risk health complications can arise with certain substance withdrawals. Professional addiction staff will monitor you regularly through this time and offer medications to help you through the withdrawal process.

When you’ve made it through detox, the center will begin therapy that helps you see what the root of your addiction is. This is important for your recovery. You also learn essential strategies for coping once you’re back at home. Attending addiction treatment makes you stronger against your addiction and gives you the opportunity to heal in a safe environment.

Addiction Treatment in Alabama

If you live in Alabama, you’re fortunate enough to have access to many different addiction treatment centers. With the drug and alcohol problems are seen in the state, treatment centers of all kinds were needed. For example, there was an explosion in excessive drinking in Alabama in 2019. 

In the previous year, 2018, Alabama wrote 97.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons. This was the highest amount given than anywhere else in the country by nearly double. For all the problems related to substance abuse and addiction in Alabama, there is an equal measure of help for residents. If you or someone you love needs addiction help, check out our top list of best rehab centers in Alabama. 

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

No matter where you live in Alabama, you still have access to the best treatment. It may also be that your insurance covers a certain addiction treatment program that isn’t near your home. Don’t let this deter you. You can go to major cities in Alabama for help and stay at an inpatient rehab center. Some insurance companies may even pay for your travel to get to the center. There are benefits to traveling as well. You are anonymous in your addiction treatment program and you can start fresh in a new environment. You won’t have to deal with the triggers you normally would while at home and you’re free to focus on your recovery. Traveling for treatment is certainly something to consider. 

The Best Drug Rehabs in Alabama

We want to help you find the right drug or alcohol rehab. Thousands of Alabama residents have received help for their addictions. There are many programs that fit all facets of life. You will receive excellent care and gain the community and support you need to succeed. Through our research of reviews and what each program offers, we have put together what we think are the best centers in Alabama. 

*The addiction treatment centers listed here are not in order of their excellence. Keep in mind that an excellent facility for one addicted individual may not provide what is truly required for another. 

1. Tri County Treatment Center

5605 Clifford Circle

Birmingham, AL 35210

This rehab center specifically focuses on opioid addiction treatment. They offer recovery services to Birmingham and the surrounding areas. The center has comprehensive treatment plans that have all services with a low fee. They have a team of addiction specialists that offer high-quality care, using the most up-to-date tools that have proven effective. The treatment center includes MAT, group therapy, outpatient services, and detox help. 

2. Gadsden Treatment Center

1107 West Meighan Boulevard

Gadsden, Alabama 35901

The Gadsden Treatment Center is a part of The Treatment Centers Inc. family and was founded in 1993. The mission of this center is to help the community fight against opiate addiction. It is the only certified methadone clinic in Etowah County. There is highly qualified medical and clinical staff who provide treatment on an individual basis. They are certified through CARF and have the highest level of accreditation. The Shoal Treatment Center is the sister clinic that also offers assistance in getting off opioids. 

3. A Reprieve for Men

401 South 9th Street, 

Opelika, AL 36801

Spirituality, Community, Self. That’s what this center stands for. This recovery program focuses on intense personal work through the Twelve Step discipline. There is a strong focus on fostering relationships and creating community. This program is specifically for men in an inpatient setting. Activities and chores are part of the daily routine along with nightly 12-step meetings. This is an intense program with therapists available for one-on-one and group therapy. They offer 6-month programs with an opportunity to step down into transitional living. There is also a Reprieve for Women program located in Tuscaloosa, AL.

4. East Alabama Mental Health Center 

Opelika, AL

There are multiple locations in Alabama that not only help with substance abuse but also with mental disorders. Those suffering from dual diagnosis need special recovery care. A clinic that fully supports you for both addiction and mood disorders is necessary. East Alabama Mental Health Centers offer inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for those with substance addictions. They encourage families to be a part of the services and treatment also. Their programs guide addicts towards recovery and a healthy, positive substance-free life. They offer a discount based on a person’s income and household. 

5. MedMark Treatment Centers Oxford

6001 East Shirley Lane

Montgomery, AL 36117

The Montgomery Metro Treatment Center is an opioid addiction treatment center in Montgomery. They also service surrounding areas such as Millbrook, Blue Ridge, and White Hall. They have outpatient services that include all services available for one fee. They offer affordable addiction treatment and use the latest research to determine what the best treatment will be for each individual patient. Their programs are custom designed for each person. They offer methadone treatment and buprenorphine as a means of helping patients stop using opioids. 

6. From UAB Beacon Recovery 

401 Beacon Pkwy W, 

Birmingham, AL 35209

Beacon Recovery offers patient outpatient and Intensive Outpatient programs for substance abuse. Adults and adolescents (13-18) can take part in their programs. They have a clinical team that is licensed and fully certified. They have expertise in addiction and recovery, grief, trauma, and family dynamics. The services they offer include assessment, group counseling, one-on-one counseling, and mental health evaluation and treatment. They offer community resources and recovery support for families. They have a major emphasis on family support.

7. Turning Point Foundation

1881 County Road 627

Thorsby, AL 35171

Impatient programs for men in a beautiful campus setting with a Christ centered emphasis. There is space for 30 residents at a time. There is a chapel where you can go for prayer, meditation, or worship anytime. They are rolling out an equine therapy program as well where horses will be a source of healing. Their mission is to provide men who have a substance use disorder the opportunity to step into a new way of living in this proven evidence based program. 

8. Family Life Center

Rapha Ministries Treatment Center

677 West Covington Avenue

Attalla, AL 35954

The Rapha Treatment Center is part of the Family Life Center. It is a non-profit, faith-based substance treatment program. It is certified through the Alabama Department of Mental Health. Since 1997, it has been servicing Alabama residents in their 54-bed residential campus. It is the largest faith-based inpatient program in Alabama. There is a phased program approach, allowing care to continue for up to one year, giving the addict a chance to slowly and successfully recover. The facility a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC), which has been known to be very effective. They also offer an outpatient program, which is something you can do after inpatient rehab has completed.

9. New Horizons Recovery Center

Hunstville Campus

4040 Memorial Pkwy SW, 

Huntsville, AL 35802

Cullman Campus

1909 Commerce Ave NW, 

Cullman, AL 35055

Under the Wellstone Group, New Horizons offers help for both mental disorders and substance addiction. There is substance abuse counseling for adults 19 and older. They offer outpatient treatment services for those suffering from substance abuse disorder. As Wellstone also focuses on helping those with mental illness, they can create seamless programs that tackle both addiction and mental illness or dual diagnosis. This is a complex disease, with both disorders needing to be tended to.  

10. The Shoulder of the Central Gulf Coast, Inc.

P.O. Box 7130

Spanish Fort, AL 36577

This Christian-oriented treatment center uses the Twelve Steps as a guide to rehabilitate addicts. They have a strong emphasis on family support and help families understand the nature of addiction. They offer assessments, low intensity residential, and transitional residential that incorporate Equine therapy, spirituality, twelve-steps, and recovery orientation. Since 1988, they have offered inpatient rehabilitation in both drug and alcohol recovery. They are currently developing an all-women’s program, which will be the first state-certified program of it’s kind. 

These are the top inpatient and outpatient addiction programs in Alabama. If you’re ready to redirect your life in a positive direction, don’t delay. There is support waiting for you in a safe environment that will help you to make sense of why addiction has taken place. A drug or alcohol rehab program has been proven to be the best chance for recovery. 

Have you been to a rehab center before for addiction in Alabama? If so, we’d love to hear from you to find out what your experience was and how your program helped you. Let us know your thoughts or share your story below.

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